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Hi everyone,

Yes, Rhesa, my photographic friend and I got together again for another photo shoot to share with all of you.  I will just outline it a bit so that you’ll know what to expect.

This post is just an introduction.  The next two posts will be some feminine, summer tunics and then I’ll post a series on the white shorts that I introduced and mentioned in the last post.  In that series I will show you several different outfits incorporating the shorts.  This will illustrate the ‘all white with a pop of colour’ idea.

These two photos are of Rhesa and I after the photo shoot and instead of at my place, it’s over near Rhesa’s.  We had lots of fun with different locations as you’ll see over the next week or so.

Enjoy and look forward to some great tips, ideas and photos!

Nice and summery aye?  Does it make you excited for summer?  I definitely think it does!



Model & outfit inventor – Esther

Location chooser – Rhesa

Photographer – Nissi!

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What’s In: Cream & White

White and Cream are in this summer!  We’ve been doing a few posts on what’s in, this is just for your benefit so that you can see how people will be dressing this summer.

Wearing soft, lacy tunics, cardies, and wraps of soft white and cream is the look we’ll be heading for.  Although this type of styling may, in your estimation, be slightly over the top or too much of one colour, listen to what the Simply You NZ fashion magazine has to say on the subject.

The fashion forcast is for white.  Designers, who, previously favoured darker hues are turning toward the all-white approach.  They write, “Nothing says sophisticated summer wear like crisp, clean, white.”

There is a solution to your objections, instead of solid white, you can wear a pop of bright colour coming out from under a blazer or cardigan.  I have been wearing some white shorts with a bright coloured blouse and a white knit cardigan.  It’s trendy, pretty and makes you feel like you’re in the middle of summer!

Enjoy these photos dressing all in white!

We’ve really enjoyed shooting in this location.  It’s near our pool and as I’ve said before, that tree is amazing!  Hence the photo shoot there.  Also, that first photo has a cool background too. 🙂  It’s great to be homeschooled, because just after lunch we can take these quick snap shots.  Oh and it’s amazing weather!  At least… some of the time!



P.S.  The list of where and how much we got these from and for will be up soon.

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