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Ok dokey!  Here is our very first hair tutorial.  We’re branching out people!

Is it a single?  No!  Is it a double??  NO!  Is it a triple French braid??!!  YES!!!  It is!  This hair tutorial involves three French braids to create a rather different, yet lovely hair style.

I know what you’re thinking, “HELP!  I don’t even know how to French braid… it sounds so… complicated.”  Well yes, that’s what I also used to think, but you know what, one day, I finally decided to learn how, after experimenting for a while.  Seriously girls, just look up a video, it’s not that hard, all you do, is plait and just add in a bit more to each section as you move down the head.  At least, that’s how I do it, correct me if I’m wrong. 🙂

In this tutorial, I will not be showing you how to French braid, but rather, how to combine those skills into making a very pretty, yet unusual hair style.  I did actually ‘invent’ this one, however, as a rather kind friend pointed out, I may have ‘invented’ it along with  a load of other people in the world who had the same ‘original’ idea…  Anyway, it consists of three French braids brought together at the back, tucked under, and pinned.  I’ll skip the description and show you step-by-step.

Enjoy!  Feedback is welcome (even embraced) and suggestions for other hair styles you’d like to see on here will also be considered, as I rather enjoyed doing this and would be happy to do it again!  (The steps correspond with the photo above them).

1.  Take a section of hair from the top of your head with a comb.

2.  Start French braiding it down the centre, taking a little bit more each time and adding it to your three sections.  (This part is just like a normal French braid).

3.  Continue right down to the base of your head, and once there is no more hair left to add, just finish off with a normal braid.  Tie it off with a hair tie.

4.  On the left side, do exactly the same and take a section of hiar.

5.  Just like the top braid, divide it into three sections.

6.  And start French braiding down the side until you have finally used all of the hair on that side in a French braid.  Tie with a hair tie.

7.  Now, on the right side, do exactly the same thing.  French braid the whole way down.

8.  Take both the side braids, and cross them underneath the top braid.

9.  Bring all the ends together, remove hair ties, and replace with one tie holding all three ends.

10.  Tuck under.  It’s as easy as that, you may have to try it a few times, but just tuck under, and stick several pins in to secure.

11.  You are finished!  Even though this is relatively simple, it looks rather complex.  I am not at all experienced with hair styles, but if you can just master the art of more or less French braiding, then the world of hair styling just opens right up!

Try tying a scarf around your head to add a little fashion to your look.

Tying a knot in the scarf and placing it on top isn’t such a bad idea either.

And there we have it, the final look!

A very big  thank you to Ambley, my good friend, who patiently sat, while I snapped pics, stuck pins into her hair, and constantly said, “No, a little to the right… hmm, actually maybe to the left.”  You endured a lot, but made a beautiful model!


Hair stylist – Esther

Photographer(s) – Matthew (that talented brother of mine) & Esther

Model – Ambley

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My personal view of 50’s fashion consists of girls with curly hair wearing mid-calf length skirts that come out from the waist in a full circle.  She would also wear a fitted blouse tucked into the skirt with some pretty heels to match.  I once watched a film called Walk the Line in which the girl wore these amazingly full skirts, just like I’ve described above.  That set my picture of 50’s fashion firmly in my mind.  What I was most impressed with however, was that she wore them everyday.  If she went to the local store, or even fishing, I almost wish we all dressed like that everyday of our lives.  Maybe there’s something inside of every girl that just loves the feeling of dressing up!

Do you like the new look of Creative Touch?  My amazingly adept brother designed the header on Photoshop and also helped me choose the background image.  By now, I guess all of you know of my lean towards the 50’s fashion, so I just had to incorporate that in the look on this blog.  Oh, and those dresses are also a part of my 50’s fashion image.  I absolutely LOVE them!

Now, getting to this outfit.  I have tried to, in my own way, create a 50’s outfit out of the clothes that I have available.  I have yet to make one of those full circle skirts, but it is on the list.  In the meantime, I took a pattern off a lovely pleated skirt that is featured here, and with my mum’s help, I sewed this pretty floral pleated skirt and added some lovely lace from my stash as an edging to the hem.  I was not sure what to pair with this, but decided on a nice white blouse tucked into the top of the skirt.  Because the skirt has a rather busy pattern, I thought the plain colour looked nice.  I have also worn this skirt with a nice lace singlet (featured here) which passed rather nicely as well.  There are many options to choose with a skirt like this, so, I encourage you amateur sewers, like me, to have a go.  It is such a satisfying feeling once you’ve finished your project.

Enjoy this last outfit of the fashion photo shoot!

We hope to bring you another one soon, but in the meantime, Lydia and I have been discussing doing a makeup tutorial and a hair tutorial, would you be interested?  That may occur this weekend, so stay tuned…


P.S.  Aren’t the locations great?

Photographer and editor – Rhesa

Makeup – Lydia

Stylist and Model – Esther

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Hi Everyone,

Yes, I’m very sorry I haven’t been around for a while.  What with school, work, and a multitude of other things going on, I haven’t checked in here for a while.  Finally I am here however, and I hope you enjoy this next outfit.

Before you comment on the title, let me form my defense.  Yet again this happened – read to find out the complete evolution of my blog title conundrum…  This time, the predicament was the same, however I ended up writing the title.  I won’t bore you with an explanation, however give me some grace, as… well, nevermind.

The look sports a very interesting t-shirt with a print of a face.  Most of the time, I would really dislike wearing a shirt that has someone else’s face on it, however, I reckon that this has an arty feel about it, as it’s not actually a picture but more of a painting.  It goes very nicely with the corderoy pants which, unsurprisingly, are my sister’s – though she doesn’t wear them that often sooooo…  Also, the cardigan ties in quite nicely and by combining all that with the new (actually it’s been around for a bit) trend of tucking in the front to show off your fancy belt buckle, you’ll feel, well, trendy!

Wearing high-heeled shoes with pants is also a very smart look I think.  It’s not a new trend, as often the business women of the world sport this look, however you can do this just as well with casual looks.

Again in this post, we are showing you how to style pants as well as skirts and dresses.  Although they are very feminine and pretty, there is a place in this pracitcal world for pants, and hopefully, over these last two post, we have helped you just a little bit in regards to sucessfully styling pants.

Enjoy the photos and we look forward to showing you the next and last post in this fashion photo shoot.

I hope you appreciated all of the new locations, especially the fourth in the burnt kitchen.  I’ve often been told that there are lessons to be learned all around, and it just stood out to me that something can even be learnt from something as horrible as a devastating fire.  Something good can come of something terrible, even if it’s something small, it’s a spark of hope and I do hope that we’ll all remember that.


Photographer & Editor – Rhesa

Makeup & Stylist – Lydia

Model – Esther

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