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Mixing Neutrals

Hey Everyone,

This outfit is the last one in that fashion photo shoot, so I hope you enjoy it. We’ll be needing to do that new fashion photo shoot soon, but here in New Zealand it’s spring and those of you who live here, know that it’s wet and unpredictable.  Actually, no, I lie, we definitely know that spring in NZ is wet, then dry, then hailing, then stormy, then sunnny!  Definitely bad weather for outside fashion photo shoots.

I have titled this outfit, Mixing Neutrals because the main colours here are cream and grey, both neutrals.  Now, bright colours are great, as I mentioned in the second to last post, however there are times when you can mix your neutrals.  In this outfit, we’ve put a long t-shirt over a tunic.  Radical right?  Well I think it works and we put one of those woven “wrap it” bracelets around the waist, you could belt it as well.  If you are using neutral or plain colours, then patterns are great, in fact they are essential.

Enjoy the photos and keeping those rules or rather, guidelines, in mind, go and create some outfits of your own!

Remember the long necklaces!  Oh, and did you notice the layering 😉

  • Cream lace tunic $34.99 Temt
  • Grey top $14.99 Temt
  • Wrap it belt $20 Diva
  • Long black tights $15 Postie Plus
  • Strappy sandels $29.99 Number 1 Show Warhouse

Esther & Lydia

Photographer – Rhesa

Styling and Makeup – Lydia

Model – Esther

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This photo was taken of myself and my friend Rhesa, who all you observant people will have noticed was listed as the photographer for our fashion photo shoot.

We are wearing…

Esther:  A really pretty chiffon top from Save Mart – $6.99.  Also a nice belt from the Warehouse for $10 and my denim jeans from Save Mart – $20.  The piece of jewellery that I am wearing is from Trade me.  It’s a really nice cameo and I love wearing it!

Rhesa:  A nice light yellow tunic with ruffles around the neckline, this was bought at a market for about $3 I think.  Also she has a teal cardigan, a camisole with some dark blue denim jeans and a wide black belt.  This is all finished off with some really nice earrings, $2 I believe. 🙂

When you wear long dangly earrings, the idea is probably not to wear a necklace.  Jewellery is meant to compliment what you’re wearing so don’t wear too much of it. We wore these outfits to church and then got together later to take some photos.  These two were taken by Rhesa’s younger sister Nissi, THANK YOU!

Hope you enjoy, so go shop at some Op Shops, or in America 😉 Thrift Stores and have fun!



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Several more Casual Outfits

Hi all,

In this post, I’ll be sharing some photos of some outfits that Lydia and I (okay, it was mostly Lydia) put together.  These were from January earlier this year so they show a rather summery look, however, that’s great cause it’s getting to be almost summer here, in NZ.

We’ve layered out clothes and employed the use of scarves for some variety.  Also  bright colours are also great in summer and don’t be afraid to tuck it in and belt it!  also, long tops can be put over dresses or tunics for an even more layered look.  Have a go trying out different things and I hope you will get some ideas for your summer outfits from these unique and varied ones that we’ve put together.  Enjoy!

Blazers are also very cool btw.

This is the long top over a tunic that I was talking about before.

Hope you enjoy, and oh that last skirt was made by Lydia!  Pretty simple, with a wide elastic band at the top and gathered, awesome skirt aye?!

Au Revoir,


Photography – Lydia

Model – Esther

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Creativity on a Canvas


Sooo, my sis and I are going to be sorting out some outfits soon!  Which is super exciting, because it means that we’ll be shooting a fashion photo shoot soon and we’ll also try and find some more locations on our property and because I went to the city recently to shop, I have some more clothes!  Oh, and also of course, Save Mart and Trademe 😉

Anyway, I just wanted to post that, but this post is going to be about a few crafty projects that I have done, actually quite a while ago.  However, I didn’t want to disturb the flow of the fashion posts.

These are some canvasses that Lydia, Mum and I made at a ladies evening recently.  I’ll label whose is whose beneath the pictures.  These are so fun to do and using paint, paper and ink, you’ll create some lovely masterpieces to fill the walls in your room!  (sorry about the quality of the pictures… :D, but you’ll get the idea)

My One!!! 

Lydia’s Canvas!

Mum’s one! (isn’t it cool!)

Hope you enjoyed that and why don’t you go and buy a cheap canvas, have a go, and like Mum’s one, you can just cover it with paper and lace or put paint on it like Lydia’s and mine.  Do what you want and create!


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