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We all need inspiration, right?  Whether it be in craft, cooking, sewing, painting, or blogging.  My outfits would be dull without having something or someone that inspires me.  In my case, it’s many things.  So, where do I get my inspiration?

The usual places never cease to inspire me, whether it be creation, my sister, my friends, or some pretty pictures I see around the web.  However, I’m here to talk about fellow bloggers who inspire me.  I’ve been following a few blogs for a while now.  Ever since entering the blogosphere, I’ve been trying to find other girls out there, who, like me, have a passion for fashion. 😉

Here are three blogs which have inspired me over the last little while.  I’ll give a brief little bit about each one as well as a picture of them in a cute outfit.

Totally Tessa

Totally Tessa is a blog that I have followed for a while now.  Like most things, I don’t dig all of her outfits, but I think that she’s brave in her style and I admire that.  It has in turn inspired me to be a bit more daring in my outfit choices.  Why, only today I wore a blouse over a dress!  Not tucked in peeps, just hanging, with a belt.  Gosh, weren’t expecting that were you?  Noooo.  So, I like how daring she is.  It doesn’t always work in my opinion, but she’s got a bit of respect out there in the e-fashion world, as I like to call it (well, just made that up right now actually).  Below is an outfit of her’s that I like.  It’s a bit daring in the colour choice, different, some may not like it, but I do. 🙂  Thanks Tessa, for inspiring me.


I love James’ blog, it’s real and she just shares the everyday happenings of a Blogger and mother of four.  She blogs about life, fashion, family, food and a whole lot more.  Her photography is really cool, and what’s more, she obsessed with vintage as much as I am!  It shows in her style and home decor.  Go check her out if you’re feeling in need of inspiration.  Here’s a quick pic of her beautiful wedding.

Delightfully Tacky

Delightfully Tacky.  Cool name, huh?  Now here’s a blog all about fashion, photography and food that I’m sure you’ll love.  I adore her pictures, that’s pretty much all I go to look at.  She takes most of her pictures on a tripod with a self-timer, and honestly, they’re far better than if anybody else took them.  Her locations are beautiful and what’s more, she gives tips about photography and poses.  As well as beauty and hair care routines, she takes the most mouth-watering pictures of the most delicious food on earth, which I might add, she bakes herself!  Definitely go check her out.  I haven’t turned back.  Fashion-wise she’s a little bit daring, which again inspires me likewise.  Here are two pictures of a multitude of outfits that I love.  P.S.  Another fan-girl moment – her hair is. amazing.

Love the Peter Pan colars!

I love that last skirt!  I’m kinda a sucker for 50’s styles 😉

So…. you know what to do, right?  You got it!  Go check ’em out!  I hope that you’ll be as inspired as I was and still continue to be.  I’d love it if you could go and comment on their blog saying how you heard of them.

Thanks guys!  ❤


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Floral dress, photo 1

Every now and again I like to choose random titles for my posts.  Weeeell actually, don’t tell anybody, but that’s just my excuse.  I’ve told you many, many times that I always find it ridiculously hard to come up with a title, but I thought that the colours in this dress were just too amazing to miss out on an obvious recognition.  Well it’s good enough for me anyway.

Sadly, this dress doesn’t belong to me, but to my sis Lydia.  I know what you’re thinking peeps – “Gosh, does this girl have any clothes to her name?!!!”  But it’s not what you think, really.  I just adore Lydia’s new clothes so much that I have to feature them here on this blog and make sure you know about them. 😉  Just tell me if you’re sick of it, ok?

This beautiful item is from Ezibuy and takes Maxis to a new level.  Seriously, how can you not feel ladylike as you swish across the floor in this gorgeous number?  The colourful, floral chiffon of the dress moves with such ease.  Rhesa and I just couldn’t resist taking advantage of the stain-glassed window to persuade you of the beauty of the dress.  In order for this dress to be modest, I did have to wear a camisole underneath, but I really didn’t think it took away from the look at all.  The simplicity of the design of the dress is complemented by the vibrancy of the fabric’s colours.  I finished off the look by adding a lovely, glass-design necklace from…. David Tasker Designer Jewellery.  He actually designs these himself and each of them look very unique.  A nice touch I thought.  Oh, and I love the pleated design on the bodice 🙂

Enjoy folks!  Suggestions for more posts are welcome as I have nothing particular planned for the next couple of weeks.  Maybe another hair tutorial will come your way… who knows…

Floral dress, photo 2

Floral dress, photo 3

Floral dress, photo 4

Floral dress, photo 5

Floral dress, photo 6

These photos were taken around-ish Christmas, so it’s about time to bring you another photo shoot.  I’ve been incredibly busy over the holidays, but as order is restored to my life with the beginning of school, I hope to find some more time to post on this blog.  My birthday was over the holidays and I had a lovely time dancing with my friends.  I’ve also managed to go the movies a ridiculous amount of times… let’s just not go there, ok?  So, what where you all up to in your summer or Christmas break?

God bless you all folks, as we head into the New Year!


Photographer & Editor – Rhesa

Model & Blogger – Esther

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