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Hi All,

I think that this fashion photo shoot has been kicked off with a great start.  However, that last outfit wasn’t really what I would call a little different, however, the outfit I am showing today is.

We have combined a few fashion trends in this outfit which we hope you’ll like.

First off, the bright bold colours.  Colour blocking has been really ‘in’ this year and especially using the bright and bold plain colours.  White has also been used a lot, but I’ll come to that later.  Even though I haven’t been particularly following any fashion magazines at the moment, just by receiving our Ezibuy catalogue and walking through the local clothing shops, I have seen a definite trend.  Unfortunately the tail end of summer is finally petering out, however who says that you can’t carry the trends over to the beginning of autumn?!

Next, plain white blazers and blocks of white.  We even did a post on this a while back, go here to see it.  This trend has perhaps been one of the most dominant.  Plain blocks of white and particularly the use of white blazers over bright pops of colour have been the leading trend of this past summer.  So, by combining that with the bright bold colours, you’ll definitely be looking stylish.

Finally, by combining those two trends with the black business pants, you can pull off the autumn look quite well.  Of course, this outfit would be quite simple if it hadn’t been for our typical layering effect that we love so much.  You may have picked up that we are layering advocates.  By this I mean, that we believe by layering with frills, lace, or simply a cami and scarf, you can transform a formerly simple outfit into one of noticeable style.

Ok, well enough of the descriptions, have a look at it yourself!  This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you want to revolutionize your business look and tone it down a little, then this is the way to go.

Thanks so much for spending your time here on Creative Touch.  We really value your support.


P.S.  Has anyone noticed the Lulu’s button on the side yet?  Well, there’ll be an explanation and post about that soon.  So, keep an eye out for it.

What I wore:

  • White Blazer – Thrifted
  • Black pants – Farmers $40
  • Blue cardigan – Glassons $25
  • White ruffle top – Kookai $25 (on sale)
  • Striped bow shoes – Ezibuy $30

Photographer and Editor – Rhesa

Make-up artist and stylist – Lydia

Model – Esther

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Hi Everyone,

Alrighty, we are now beginning the next fashion photo shoot, which is ‘A Little Different’.  Lydia has put together some outfits which are a tad different from what we’ve previously put together.  There are some outfits in here involving trousers!  Yes, you heard correctly, and no, we don’t always wear skirts either, though we do enjoy it!

I have been rather busy this last week which explains my lack of activity on the web here lately.  However, I hope to rectify the matter by posting these new looks from out latest fashion shoot.  We are at a different location for the outfits this time, and it’s awesome!

This skirt is amazing.  I do a fair bit of my shopping at places like Valley Girl because they are pretty cheap.  Their clothes are not always made to last, however often I find items that are exactly my style in that shop.  Ok, so, I have been really wanting one of these ironed pleated skirts for quite a while now, and when I saw this at Valley Girl for the amazing price of $10 I bought it, along with this really nice white and navy knitted cardigan.  I was really looking forward to putting an outfit together with these pieces, and here it is!  The tucked in and belted look is very trendy if you ask me, and a perfect transional outfit from summer to autumn.

The cute black shoes really finish this outfit off and make it the perfect going out look.  If it makes any difference, I believe this outfit has the male seal of approval, as my brothers and Dad all reckon it’s pretty cool, and they think that I ought to dress like this all the time.

Just a quick note, I think there are several reasons why people dress as they do.  I belive it’s primarily to establish a good opinion of themselves in other’s eyes, and it is true, that people will sometimes base their opinion of you on your appearance.  Secondly, we do it to make ourselves feel good.  So, yes, I do believe that we should dress nicely, reflecting our own personal style, but that is not the most important factor in someone’s life.  What’s inside of them is the most important.  Who they are the is the most important.  And I wanted to say that, because although I post a lot about fashion and clothes and style, I don’t want you to believe that that is what defines someone.  I know I have stressed individual style, but being your own person is not about your style, it is about who you are as a person.

Thank you, and enjoy.

Happy belated Easter!


What I wore:

  • Blue pleated skirt – Valley Girl $10
  • White frill top – Kookai $29.99
  • Navy and white cardigan – Valley Girl $10
  • Black belt – Kmart $10
  • Cameo necklace – Trademe $12
  • Black bow shoes – Number 1 Shoe Warehouse $29.99

Photographer and Editor – Rhesa

Styler and Makeup Artist – Lydia

Model – Esther

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Hi everyone,

Alrighty, here is the long awaited post of the vintage 50’s hens party that I told you all about. Now, I am so sorry this wasn’t on the Friday or Saturday, but it turns out, that my Easter weekend was a lot busier than I thought it would be. One thing I was busy with, was the new fashion photo shoot that we’ll be starting very soon. 🙂 I am really excited to bring it to you, as we have some new locations and outfits, and of course, our fantastic photographer has some great shots!

Anyway, about this post….
We held this hens party for a friend who’s getting married in a couple of months. We had a lot of fun setting it up in the morning, with bunting, vintage glasses, lemonade, jelly beans, lace, gold crepe paper, bunches of wildflowers, drapes of fabric, and homemade vases. We laid table cloths over all the tables, and placed doilies on each, with a vase of wildflowers, it looked so lovely! Have a look out for all of those items in the following pictures.

If you are interested, have a look at how I made the vases, it’s really simple, and I borrowed the idea off someone else who was decorating a wedding cheaply. All you do, is get some old glass jars, then you cover them with some nice paper, and tie it with some lace or ribbon. Whatever catches your fancy really.

Enjoy all the vintage outfits as well (we had to dress up in 1950’s style of dress)!

My good friend Ambley is wearing a lovely dress made by her amazing Mum, who is also making the bridesmaids dresses for this wedding I might add 🙂

This is the skirt folks, the one that I made with some help from Mum, I’m happy with how it turned out! 🙂 I am very inspired to start sewing again. It was actually rather simple, I think you girls should try your hand at some sewing, it’s very rewarding and satisfying wearing your own handiwork.

Lydia is a great organiser, so this was all right up her alley. I think we all did an amazing job combined, it was loads of fun, and I have been wanting to do something like this for a long time.

Everyone had to bring some nice cupcakes or a sweet thing. We all drank tea from some lovely floral teacups, and had a fabulous time!


P.S. I just want to thank all of our readers for being dedicated and looking at all of our posts. Without you, we wouldn’t continue, so thank you very much, you are helping us do something that we really love! We appreciate it!

And have a cup of tea!

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Hi everyone,

We did it!  We’re on Lookbook.

I went ahead and signed up for a Lookbook account. It was dead easy, and anyone out there who likes to snap pictures of themselves every now and again, should go and post them on Lookbook.  You can fan other peoples looks, which is similar to subscribing, and you can also hype their looks, which is similar to liking them or sharing them.

Have a look at Creative Touch’s Lookbook here or you can click on the widget at the side.

We’re hoping that a whole load of new people will come and have a look at our blog and the variey of ‘looks’ that we post about here.

Another exciting thing to announce is the subject of our next post.  We had a 50’s kitchen tea hens party recently, for an engaged friend of ours, and everything was decorated amazingly.  We had floral fabric bunting, lace doilies, vintage flower arrangements and more, but I won’t spoil the post.  We will deliver that to you on Friday or Saturday.

One more piece of news.  We will be haivng another fashin photo shoot on Saturday and Lydia is going to be working hard to come up with some outfits that are really stylish.  We aim to give a little bit of the fashion magazine ‘out there’ feel, as well as some wearable outfits as well. Hope you enjoy!

With Lydia’s up and coming semester break I will try my best to convince Lydia to be a model for some hair tutorials and I’ll be a model for some eye makeup looks that we’ll post on here.

Looking forward to it, and I hope you are too,


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There is never too much lace…

Ok everybody, so this post is a little different.  We have had a couple of craft posts in the past, and during this lull in fashion, I thought I would write a little bit about a couple of cards that I have made recently for a few events.

This title relates to my craft desks at the moment.  I ‘inherited’ a whole load of lace from my Grandma who came into its possession from an old friend.  Some of it could possibly be 80 years old, as the friend was a wedding dress-maker.

Pretty awesome right?  Well, it is to me.  There is some lovely vintage, old-fashioned lace that is just gorgeous, and I have already used some for the edging of a hem of a pleated skirt I made.    I also ‘inherited’ that lovely rose background (from an older sister) which just thrilled me to the heart!  Haha, well… I’ve never used that expression before… just shows ya how excited I am.

These cards both show-off some beautiful lace that I bought at a craft fair and are in the vintage style that I love.  By layering the lace, I acheived an awesome look and the oval feature on the front of the card ties in nicely.  I don’t often use patterned scissors, but inspired by my friend and a lack of any other ideas, I decided to give it a go and was pleased with the effect.

This just illistrates the fact that you can use something out of a seemingly useless thing.  Watch my video here for some more ideas in regards to turning something worthless into something of value.

I really wanted to create a card with a ‘scene’.  By this I mean, telling a story, a landscape or something similar.  However, I didn’t want it to be similar to a painting, but more crafty, like a scrapbooking page.  This does indeed tell a story.

At the time, I cut out some cloudy blue paper for the clouds, and it was only later that I thought, “Wow Esther, the sky is blue not the clouds!”  Anyway, somehow it made sense.  I also drew silver along the clouds to create the ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ effect.  The silver-lined clouds also rained silver droplets, which fell upon a silhouetted horse galloping along a lace covered field.

See how inspired I was?!  This doesn’t happen to me all the time, I was really just having a good day…  Enjoy!

There are some plans for this blog that will be put into motion soon.  I had a great talk with our photographer recently, expressing a desire to do something more than just our regular fashion photo shoots.  She had some great ideas and after talking it over with Lydia, it looks as if we might do some ‘bits and pieces’ posts, with little inspiring photos of lace, vintage, 50’s, clothes, fabrics, or even some interior design.  Lydia would like to do some makeup posts soon and I had the idea for some hair tutorials, as I have an increasing interest in it.

Tell us your thoughts!  We may sign up for a Look Book account soon too!  Exciting stuff!  Watch out for some more changes on Creative Touch.


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