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We are back from our lovely two week holiday by the sea and it was such fun.

This next post is worn often by Lydia and in my opinion looks very vintage. If you have read this blog long enough, you will have realised that I love the vintage style and look, (I must say that almost every post!)

The 50’s style dress combined with the lovely knit cardigan and matching heels stands out as a very stylish outfit. The simple pale pink combined with the darker blue creates a pleasing contrast. The long cameo necklace also adds another touch of vintage to this outfit.

These high necked 50’s dresses are very ‘in’ this season and are sold in many different colours and fabrics.

There is really no more to be said on the outfit as the pictures say it all. Enjoy!

Have a great week and check back here soon for another outfit in the Welcome Summer fashion photo shoot. It is a late summer I admit, so “Welcome late summer!”


What I wore:

Pale pink 50’s dress – Glassons $30
Denim blue cardigan – gifted!
Denim blue heels – Warehouse $14.99 (Now, is that a good deal?!)
Cameo necklace – Trademe $11.99

Model – Esther
Photographer – Rhesa
Makeup and stylist – Lydia
Photo editing – Esther & Lydia


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Hello everyone,

Welcome to our latest fashion photo shoot, taken on Monday.  It is entitled Welcome Summer and in it there will be six different outfits and each post will include photos, tips, trends, and practical advice from Creative Touch to you!  We hope you’ll enjoy these next posts and that you’ll learn a lot from them, so without further ado, I give you, Welcome Summer!

This post is titled Tribal Inspired, because of the style of this outfit.  The skirt is handmade by Lydia and features bright and bold, large prints.  We have added a simple pink cami and brown cardigan to go with it.  We’ve brought it all together with a large brown belt that has gold detailing as you’ll see in the close up shot.  By adding a large bead necklace and a few wooden bead bracelets, we’ve finished off the tribal look.

If you’ve been looking in your latest fashion magazines, which to be honest, most of us don’t right? Well, even if you haven’t, I do occasionally and I’ve noticed that prints, large and small, have featured a lot. The tribal look and animal prints are also ‘in’ this summer. I know that we are more than half way through the summer but, these trends will certainly be ‘in’ for a few months yet. And goodness! Who cares if they aren’t. Wear them anyway and you’ll feel great and stylish!

We believe at Creative Touch that you should dress differently to the mass multitudes of girls wearing crop tops and cut-off denim shorty shorts. We all need our own personal style and that’s our aim, to help you find yours! Individuality is what people will notice, they’ll respect you for it. Also, it’s fun to develop your style and feel unique and different. 🙂 This outfit is definitely unique, and although not to everyone’s taste, it’s individual and for your interest, this is Lydia’s style of clothing.

Enjoy this outfit and we look forward to sharing the next one with you!

Yes, I was in a rather odd mood for part of our fashion photo shoot, you know, doing those poses all day long just gets to ya…

Enjoy your weekend!

What I Wore:

Tribal skirt – made by Lydia!
Pink Camisole – Farmers $11.99
Brown cardigan – thrifter or gifted…
Brown shoes – Ruby Shoes $15
Brown belt – $15.99
Bead necklace – gifted
Wooden bead bracelets – Diva $? (it was that long ago…)

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Outfit 4 will be the last of the White Shorts Series, however, I have some exciting news! On Sunday, Lydia, Rhesa and I had a fashion photo shoot, called, Welcome Summer. In it, we have some lovely bright outfits, smart business wear, and some vintage shots. I hope you’re looking forward to it, I sure am! We’ll give you some neat tips and inspire you in your personal fashion.

This is another outfit using the white shorts and it gives a completely different look again. The scarf is fashionable while providing that extra warmth you’ll need in this rather bizarre New Zealand summer. The blouse reminds me of the colour sea blue. I guess I was reminded of the sea because our family will be going on a two week holiday by the sea at the end of this week! I can’t wait!

I’ll be posting a couple more posts before then hopefully, just to give you something to look at while we’re gone as I don’t think I’ll be posting over that period of time.


Tune in tomorrow, we’ll be starting the Welcome Summer fashion posts.


What I wore:

  • Sea blue blouse – Valley Girl $15?
  • Butterfly scarf – Jeans West $25.99
  • White shorts – Ezibuy $25
  • Silver sandals – gifted
  • White cross necklace – handmade by me! (ok, there was a tutorial…)

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