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These are some pics of a flat lay outfit – vintage 🙂 and a fabric stack – knits.   Lydia and I organised these for an assignment of Lydia’s, for a fashion course.  Hope you enjoy!  We’ll be bringing some more vintage outfits this weekend.  We’re going to have a photo shoot!


Flat Lay Vintage Outfit (above)

Fabric Stack (below)

Tell us what you think of our first fashion post!  Hope you feel inspired! 🙂

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Hi Readers!

I snapped a picture of this card just as I was heading out the door to an engagement party.  I was taking this card to give, so no photo shoot with this one sorry. 🙂

I really only had a short time to make this card, but I combined lace, glitter hearts, ribbon and handmade paper to create this card.  I have used just two colours – cream and gold, which I thought was very appropriate for an engagement card.  I also want to point out the gold leaf on the edges of the card.  The handmade paper that I used, had gold and silver leaf in it, so I wanted to tie that in, thus the gold leaf!  Hope you enjoy this card!

P.S.  Some exciting news!  My sister Lydia is going to be joining me in this blog, and we are going to bring you more of our creativity.  We’ll be doing fabric stacks, clothing styles, outfits – vintage, more of my craft, art and maybe even some interior design.  I’m really looking forward to it, hope you are too!

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Well, here is another of my creations, and I just did a photo shoot with it.  So here it is:

I used a Cuttlebug Folder to make that pattern at the back, and I inked the folder with a pink ink.  Have a look at my website Cuttlebug Crafts for instruction on how to do this.  I also inked that flower as well.  It was too harsh a white, so I decided to ink it so that it would blend in more and match with the other colours.  I love the two laces that I used as well, they are a very nice vintage style.  I LOVE lace!  Hope this has inspired you with your crafting!


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Butterflies and Lace

This card was for a friend of mine and again, I used my Cuttlebug Butterfly Die.  This time, I decorated it in a vintage style.  I used my gold micro beads and Tim Holtz ink to decorated the butterfly.   To create that tea dye effect on the background paper, I added some ink to the water in my Mini Mister, I did this by rubbing ink onto a small bit of a cotton bud and then pushing it down into the Mini Mister.  This coloured the water and when I sprayed onto the background, the tea dye effect was created.

(Click on the image to get a larger picture)

Hope you enjoy, I really enjoyed making this card and love the lace that I’ve layered over the card.


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I made this card recently for my sister’s birthday, I wanted to combine the vintage and distressed look.  At the moment, I have a very pet ‘like’ for vintage and pastels so I’ve tried to portray that in this card.  I’ve also used my Tim Holtz distresser around the edges of the sentiment.  I also cuttlebugged the base flower in my stack of flowers and used my favourite technique of inking around the edges.   Hope you enjoy.

I had a lot of fun creating this card and you can see on the edges of the pink paper, I used a sanding block (simply, just some sandpaper stapled onto a block of wood) to create that distressed look.




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Hello Everyone!!!

Hello everyone out there,

I decided to start this blog, because I am a passionate crafter and I would love to share my thoughts and ideas with you guys!

I’ll be posting some pictures and links to some videos that I have done and be sharing with you my inspiration and ideas.  I own a website called Cuttlebug Crafts that gives you tips and teaching on how to use the Cuttlebug and some great card and scrapbooking ideas using the Cuttlebug.  Also, go have a look at my You Tube Channel which has some videos that I have created to give you some practical teaching on crafting.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and I hope you’ll get lots out of my posts.  I am really looking forward to posting on here!


P.S.  Check out the About me page to find a little bit more about me!

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