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Outfit 5 – Fur Trimmed

Hi all of you!

This outfit is so fun and posh, however, you would never have guessed that two of these pieces were from an Op Shop and the velvet and fur cape was handmade!  I would love to say that I made it, and actually I did, but that would be unfair, because, most of this cape was sewn by or at the very least overseen by my wonderful sewing teacher.  I don’t have lessons anymore, but I consider this cape my most prized piece that I have sewn! 🙂  I mean come on!  It’s not everyday that you wear a velvet cape, haha, one of my girlish dreams, to feel just a little bit like a princess.

So, look what you can do with Op Shop clothes!  I went Op Shop shopping with my Mum and we managed to find four pieces of clothing for just over forty dollars!  They were so pretty and actually keep your eyes open, cause as I was telling my photographer friend Rhesa, it could be some good material for a new photoshoot!

Enjoy the photos and be inspired!  Cause that’s what these posts are all about, we, Lydia and I want to inspire you to look at your wardrobe and use the clothes that you already have to piece together some amazing outfits that are just YOU!


Velvet Top – Op Shop

Skirt – Op Shop

Cape – Handmade 😉

Belt – Dotti $19.99

Ballet Flats – $30

Tights – Farmers $12.99

Pearls – Gifted (by my other sis Zoe!)


Enjoy!  Oh, and go Op Shopping!  I can’t guarantee that it’ll be stress free, but at the end, you’ll be so glad you went, trust me!

Au Revoir,

Esther & Lydia


Photographer – Rhesa

Makeup & Styling – Lydia

Model – Esther



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Hi All,

Now, I know that this title is nothing super imaginative, but my sis said something simple and basically, that’s what this outfit is!

Again, we have used our black dress and have layered a floral tunic (there ya go!) over the top.  The floral tunic is made of chiffon and matches nicely, we’ve belted all that together and added the matching waistband as a head band.  This joins it together really well.  Tights and a smart blazer and simple flats are added to this outfit and there you go!

So, quite simple really, we’ve just kept the black as the base colour and then added the floral tunic to lighten it up and give more interest to the outfit.  A necklace could be added as well and a handbag of course. 🙂

I hope you enjoy this outfit and sorry for again, the long wait.  But I’ve uploaded some new pictures to our computer – some crafty projects that I have completed, so those will be coming… POST HASTE!

I hope this outfit has inspired you to create and to be inventive, layer and you’ll discover outfits that you never knew could be created!

  • Black dress – Cotton On $10.00 on sale
  • Print tunic – Trademe $15
  • Blazer – Trademe 424.99
  • Belt – Dotti $19.99
  • Tights – Postie Plus $12.99
  • Shoes – Number 1 Shoe Warhouse $29.99

Talk to you soon!

Esther & Lydia

Photographer – Rhesa

Styling and makeup – Lydia

Model – Esther

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