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I’ll admit, I can’t take credit for that title, cause let’s face it, we all know my constant title predicament, and I’m certainly not clever enough to come up with that!  The girl from Delightfully Tacky used it for one of her posts I believe – ya’ll should check it out.

Ok, so you all might be confused as to where I’m going with this post and as to what significance it really has at all.  Well, I’ll tell you.  Hair.  That’s right, my topic is hair.  My hair, to be specific.

When I began this blog I had a cute little bob which was age appropriate at the time.  I soon grew older (as we all inevitably do) and I also got sick of having to shape the one side of my hair that always stuck out, so I got layers and started to let my hair flow the way it wanted to go.  I liked this look, but I soon wanted something different.  As a result, I decided to let my hair grow.  I’d tried it several times before but could never bear to wait out the ‘awkward length’.  Yes, you know what I mean short-haired people.  The awkward length is that portion of time when your hair reaches your shoulders and starts to splay outwards in a very… uncomfortable style.  It proceeds to stay like this for what seems like forever!  I’m pleased to annouce that I have finally gotten further than I have ever gotten before, this has been helped in part by my retained layers.  I’m still far from my goal, but I look forward to the endless array of hair styles and updos that will be at my disposal once I reach it.  …and I will forever fail to understand those people who complain of their long locks that cascade down their shoulders with ease.  I will never have that… so be GRATEFUL!!!  *pant* *pant* Ok, rant over.  Proceed with the pictures that show my four stages of hair development.  And don’t laugh, a few inches is a lot to me, ok?! 😉

hair length 1Stage 1: Cute bob.

hair length 2Stage 2:  The layers appear.

Lace and chiffon - 5Stage 3:  Approaching the awkward stage.

Pastels - 4Stage 4:  Awkward stage…

And now, the un-photographed picture of me has begun to escape the awkward stage!  Yay!

Here’s to the next few months of hard growing…

Until next time!  And I promise, the next post will be of the ball.  I was just suddenly inspired… and ya gotta make the most of that, dontcha? 😉


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Yes, that’s right!  Creative Touch now has a Facebook Page!

I’ll be posting my regular outfits from this blog and lookbook as well as sharing some interesting blogs, photos or inspiration that I’ve come across.  The Facebook Page will be a place to find out a little bit more about what inspires me and my style.  I invite all of you to come over and have a look.  See that huge blue button to the right?  Click and you’ll be taken to FB – a like would be greatly appreciated!

Have a lovely week and I’ll be back soon…


P.S.  This post would be nothing without a photo, so here is a sneak peak of my next post.


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Pastels - 1

Finally, I’m back!  It’s been a busy few weeks – the ball that I was organising (next post!), finishing school for the term and a host of many other things!  My brother and I as well as two other friends have been working on a short film which we are doing for a competition.  We just finished it so I will have the link in my next post!

This outfit is extremely girly but very me.  Pastels and lace really are just the best and the pop of turquoise adds interest also.  I want you to take special notice of the necklace though.  I spotted this bunting statement piece a while back and finally bought it when it went on special.  I’m not really one for bold jewellery (though it is working it’s magic on me) but this one struck me as vintage and very cute.  So, here it is.

Just a simple outfit for the go, this combination was perfect for the autumn day that we shot this, however winter is now upon us and I’m wearing much warmer clothes than these pieces.  Oh, and the skirt!  I made it – a rectangle piece of cloth sewn together quickly with an elastic waistband.  Simple!  Give it a go 🙂

One last thing before you continue on to the pictures.  Have a look at this shop –  Isn’t it gorgeous!  I went in with my friends the other day.  The walls are lined and racks filled with pastels, lace, beaded items, sparkles and everything vintage and stylish that you could imagine.  :-O  I like it, a lot.

Pastels - 2

Pastels - 3

Pastels - 4

Pastels - 5

Pastels - 6

That last picture is of me and one of my best friends, Ambley.  I’ve featured her on here before actually, and I might also be the one responsible for her gradual tendency towards blouses. 😉

My next post will be about that ball I’ve been mentioning.  Look forward to some lovely photos of glitz and glam.


Photographer – Rhesa

Model and Stylist – Esther

What I wore:

  • Lace top – Glassons, $19 SALE
  • Teal cardigan – Gifted
  • Pastel Skirt – Handmade
  • Bunting necklace – Diva, $7
  • Shoes – Ezibuy, $20

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