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Summer’s Almost Here!!!

These outfits definitely reflect that fact.  Summer is almost, almost here, in fact, all the spring weather – rainy and unpredictable – is pretty much gone and the sun is here!  I don’t mean to say that it’s nice and really hot, however, it is sunny and I’m going about in my shorts and t-shirt.

In regards to the outfits, we’re both wearing semi-summer skirts and tunics.  With a solid colour in a skirt, like the one I’m wearing, it’s a good idea to keep the top half simple with some detail or texture, like the scarf and knitted cardy I’m wearing.

In Lydia’s outfit, she’s wearing a really pretty chiffon tunic with a belt and bright cardy.  You could wear this tunic with any matching coloured cardigan and it would look lovely.  Also, I reckon that it would look great with some wedges or summery, strappy sandels.

Those would be the tips that I would give you in regards to these outfits.   With those in mind, enjoy the photos!

Doesn’t it look like summer?!  I love that beautiful pink toon tree!

…and we just knew we had to photograph under this beautiful purple wisteria – beautiful.  Aren’t God’s creations just amazing?!

We both wore these to church on Sunday and the tunic as you’ll soon see was from Ezibuy and a great buy – they have some really pretty dresses and tunics there.  Go onto their website and you’ll see!


Esther & Lydia (who are in actual fact both the photographers and models!)



  • Blue skirt – Glassons, gifted
  • White top – Kookai $19.99
  • Butterfly scarf – Just Jeans $25.99
  • Knit cardigan – Just Jeans $29.99
  • Silver shoes – Number 1 – from Mum


  • Floral chiffon tunic – Ezibuy $30
  • Black belt – Pagani $15.99
  • Turquoise cardigan – Glassons $29.99
  • Jewellery – David Tasker Designer Jewellery

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Hi everyone,

Yes, it’s nautical this summer.  Have you seen it?  I have.  By looking through a fashion magazine and also the Ezibuy catalogue and then just the other day shopping at Glassons.  All of these places are selling the nautical themed clothing items.

I really like the navy and black pleated skirts and striped T-shirts as well as all the lovely bright and breezy colours.

Over the next while, we hope to bring you several outfits showing what’s ‘in’ this summer.  Among those are colour blocking and plain white.  I hope you enjoy these photos.

We’ve used this outfit with a black skirt, but I also wear it with black shorts.  I’ve painted my nails with that pretty turquoise colour.  This matched with the cardigan, you could also paint your nails any other colour and match it into the outfit.

Enjoy and have fun creating some nautical outfits!

(Sorry, must have had manual focus on…)

I am wearing:

  • Navy striped t-shirt – Glassons $16.99
  • Black pleated skirt – Max $70 (on sale)
  • Turquoise cardigan – Glassons $29.99
  • Wrap-it cord – Diva $15
  • Turquoise nail polish – Farmers $10

As you can see, some of these items are fairly expensive, however you can buy these skirts much cheaper and I have a similar one in style from Save Mart.  Or as I said earlier, you can wear it with some black shorts.



Model – Esther

Stylist – Lydia

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Vintage Birthday Cards

These are a two other cards that I have made before and during the holidays.  Since then, I haven’t done very much craft at all.  However I just wanted to share these vintage cards with you and hopefully inspire some of you crafty people out there.

For a long while, I’ve had an idea (which I will explain presently).  A few years ago, I used to do lots of embroidery, cross-stitch, black work and knitting.  I once saw this picture of a lady and some creative person had decorated it with embroidery.  They had sewn pearls on for the necklace and ribbon for the dress etc.  I thought it looked amazing and since then I have always wanted to do it, or something similar.  So that is where the idea came in.  I had almost finished this card (below), however I decided that the card and more specifically the picture needed something more.  Then it clicked, that technique that I had just been waiting to do would be perfect.  I tied the bow into a ribbon, stuck it in her hair, made a necklace of adhesive pearls, and coloured her lips with a light pink ink.  I then sanded the edges of the picture to distress it a little and there you go!!!  I love the result and you could do so much more, there are so many possibilities with this technique!

The second card’s background is also home-made.  Using my Score-Pal, I scored lines to give the card a wood grain effect, then I simply ran my ink across the background and it inked only the raised lines.  It’s a great background for any guys card and could be used on large pieces of card stock or in small amounts.  Try it out and have fun!


The tag is a Glassons tag by the way.  I love using tags at the moment and as you can see, I painted that one using my Tim Holtz Crackle Paint, very fun to use!

Talk to you soon,


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Frilly Spring Tunic

This is my Sunday outfit that I didn’t actually wear to church, but still my Sunday outfit nonetheless! 🙂

The main item in this outfit is a really nice floral, chiffon, frilly tunic that was $6 from Save Mart.  There are some great finds out there girls, you just have to persevere and look in the right places of course.  I decided to wear a bigger black belt and put the matching chiffon tie in my hair.  I am also wearing my great jeans from Save Mart – $20.  To finish that all off, I am wearing my new blue moccasins and a pretty cameo.

Please keep in mind that this was taken on a beautiful sunny spring day and so unfortunately the colours are not as bright as they actually are in real life.  The tunic has a blue, purple and black floral pattern on it and the lace is a lot more detailed, but, that is the price you must pay for a sunny day. 🙂

Enjoy and feel free as always to comment!  NZ enjoy your spring and America enjoy your fall season!

Have a great week everyone and I’ll be checking back here very soon with a couple more cards that I’ve made.



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Hiya all,

These two cards were created using some paper that I designed.  I won’t go ahead and explain the long process of how I designed them, but I’ll just say, that I heat embossed the image onto the paper.  Then I mixed some ink and water and dragged the paper through it, then inked a bit around the edges to make it stand out a bit more and there you have it!  The embossed image resists the ink and stands out  beautifully.  They are really pretty and the opportunities are endless as long as you have stamps!  You also don’t need too much detail on the card as the background provides most of the focus.

Enjoy and I hope that provides some inspiration and ideas for you crafters out there.  I will be putting a video tutorial on You Tube soon so watch out for that.

Tell me what you think.  Oh and the plans are coming along for anther fashion photo shoot in a week or so!  Looking forward to it!


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Vintage Loving Crafter

The title says it all, yes, I am a confessed vintage loving crafter.  You will probably see in some of the next few posts that I really do love vintage.  I have been crafting which is so nice, because I have not had the time to recently.  But I’m here to share a couple of cards that I made a while ago and hopefully later on I’ll share some that I’ve made in the past few days.

The first card uses some really awesome vintage rose paper that I bought recently, I love using it and I’ve used my Tim Holtz distresser around the edges to give it an old look.  Now, I realize that some of you out there will wonder why on earth I would want to tatter and tear my cards, well, it’s a technique and just like you and I do NOT understand some modern art, you  may not understand this technique, but just deal with it!

Hehe, continuing on…  The flower in the centre is partly my idea and also partly the idea of a couple of people on Youtube.  If you would like to see a tutorial on the flower, which I KNOW you do, then go to my You tube channel and also check out some other crafty videos of mine.

The second card’s main focus is an awesome vintage tag that my Mum got on a present from a friend.  When I saw it I knew that I could use it, because it’s very vintage.  I’ve also used some cool French newsprint craft paper from the same paper set.  Enjoy the photos and comments are very welcome.

Talk to you soon!


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