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This outfit is simple, however it really does emphasize what I said a while back about bright, bold, simple, colour blocking.

This outfit is pretty much self-explanatory and I hope you enjoy the pictures and become inspired!

I haven’t been posting recently and in part that is because of the awesome weekend I just had.  From Friday till Monday, I was with my family and friends at the well-known and rather large music festival called Parachute.  It was awesome and I had so much fun!  The live music was a great experience and the weather and friends just topped it off.  Because I’m quite a musical person myself, in the fact that I sing and play a little bit of piano, I really appreciated it and enjoyed watching Relient K, Casting Crowns, Parachute Band, Avalanche city and… need I go on?  I believe that Newsboys and Switchfoot are going to be there next year and so I am really looking forward to that.  Look up some of those bands music and tell me what you think.

I also enjoyed the music of a kiwi singer called Lydia Cole, lovely acoustic music!

hmmm, having a bit of quirky fun 🙂

Weren’t the holidays lovely?  I’m excited to see what this year has in store for all of us.


What I wore:

  • White shorts – Ezibuy $25
  • Coral t-shirt – Gifted
  • White Cardigan – Just Jeans $30
  • Silver sandals – Gifted (thanks Mum!)
  • Cross necklace, – I made it myself 🙂

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We will now return from our brief interlude – the review on Modest Sea – and come back to, the White Shorts Series.

This second outfit has a definite summer feel, which is fitting, as the weather over here in New Zealand is improving!  I believe I feel another fashion photo shoot coming along, in which Lydia will be organising the outfits.  Wasn’t it great last time?!

You can also wear other blouses with these shorts, I have two button up blouses with floral patterns that look lovely with these shorts.  Very feminine, but still practical.  I really like the look of these two colours together.  There’s a place for lovely, soft pastels , but bright, bold, opposite colours look stunning together and really catch your eye.  Not to mention, that this outfit reminds me of a lovely summer sky, the bright blue expanse dotted with fluffy, white clouds.

Have a look at the photos below.  I hope you’re enjoying this series, my basic aim is to show you how you can achieve different looks by changing just one part of the outfit.  Experiment yourself, as I’m sure this principle can apply to lots of other items in your wardrobe.

Enjoy your summer and the upcoming lovely weather!


What I Wore:

  • White shorts – Ezibuy $25
  • Blue blouse – Gift
  • White cardigan – Just Jeans $30
  • Silver heart necklace – David Tasker Designer Jewellery

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If you’re like me, you have a hard time trying to find a nice, yet modest swimsuit for the summer.  Often you have to buy two piece swimsuits and even then it’s a struggle to find elegant yet modest board shorts and rash-shirts.  I have seen a few people who own very pretty, and modest swimsuits.  I have always wanted to find a site that would sell these, and when asked by Modest Sea to tell you readers about their website, I was more than happy to.

A little while back, Modest Sea got into contact with us, and asked us to review their swimsuits and website and tell you a little bit about them and their products.

This is very exciting for me, as Modest Sea are the first people to contact us about reviewing products.  They sent me a swimsuit and I have been delighted with it.  I was very favourably impressed once it arrived and since that time have tried it out a couple of times.  It’s been very rainy and changeable over in New Zealand, so it was only on Wednesday that I could try it out in the pool.

As the website states, all the swimsuits consist of Italian-made AcquaZero water repellant fabric.  Most swimsuits are water repellant to the extent, that they will not soak up water like cotton.  However, the AcquaZero fabric acts like a raincoat in repelling the water, see photos below.  This ensures that when you hop out of the water, the water will roll straight off, lessening the chance of you getting cold.

The best part about these swimsuits, is their stylish modesty.  On their website, you can choose swimsuits with “moderate cover” to swimsuits with “full cover” and you can also mix and match a body cover with a swimsuit dress.  This swimwear is modest yet elegant.  They are very feminine and pretty, fitted not baggy.  Yes ladies, we can be pretty and modest without having to wear ill-fitting, oversized, frumpy clothes.

The swimsuit that I chose and recieved consists of a pretty tunic, with vertical black piping, which in my opinion looks very feminine, and some knee length leggings.  They are very easy to swim in and do not provide additional drag.

Several other swimsuits that I liked in their collection are, Mia, Eva, and Angelica.

Have a look on their website and browse through their swimsuits yourselves, I am sure that you will be as impressed as I was.  They have international shipping and are very good quality swimsuits, made to last.

Enjoy the photos and know as you look at them that these swimsuits are tried and true and definitely approved as modest, feminine, elegant swimsuits.  If you’ve had trouble looking for the right swimsuit, look no further!

I forgot to mention that this swimsuit is comfortable and you’ll feel fabulous in it!  Oh, and I have the male seal of approval, as my brothers and Dad think it looks lovely.

The lady I was in contact with was very nice and the shipping was speedy, the website is easy to navigate and I have had a great experience with Modest Sea.

Have a look and enjoy your summer.  Stay tuned for more posts on the White Shorts Series.


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I hope you had a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!  Mine was great and I am still enjoying the holidays.  It’s summer here now, and although we’ve been having unseasonably wet weather, or perhaps it’s not that unseasonable, it is now becoming fine once more.

I am starting up a series!  This series is on my famous white shorts!  I have mentioned them rather a lot lately and I’ve said how I have enjoyed the look and feel of summer that it has brought.  There will be four posts in this series and most will feature my lovely knit white cardigan as well which I purchased in 2010!  It has served me well, and in fact, I am only just starting to get more wear out of it.

This outfit goes with the nautical summer theme that I have already mentioned.  I am wearing a striped singlet with a silver, woven, wrap it bracelet/necklace/headband.  As you can see, they have many uses and fit perfectly into the theme.  I’m wearing my hair in a simple pigtail with pearl drop earrings.

Enjoy the photos and I hope you feel inspired by this summer outfit.  As you will see in the next few days, you can create quite a few different outfits using simple, staple pieces from your wardrobe.

Enjoy your holidays and watch out for some more posts.



What I wore:

  • White shorts – Ezibuy $25
  • White cardigan – Jeans West or Just Jeans $30
  • Striped t-shirt – Gifted
  • Wrap-it necklace – Gifted
  • Pearl drop earrings – David Tasker Designer Jewellery $20
  • Silver sandals – Number One Shoe Warehouse $30

Model – Esther

Photographer – Rhesa

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