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Happy Queen’s Birthday Weekend!  I hope you’re all enjoying the extra day off.  I sure am, which is why I’m here posting on this blog.  Actually, I’m posting more because it’s a holiday not cause I’m enjoying my day off… not that I’m not enjoying it, but… well, nevermind.

The inspiration for my alliteration came from a writing course that I’m doing at the moment.  At least, I’ll blame it on that.  If I don’t blame it on my writing course, I’d be blaming it on my ‘title conundrum’ but you really don’t want to get me started on that again, do you?

A few weekends back, a good childhood friend of our familys’ got married to another friend of ours’.  It was a really lovely wedding, and while we were there, Rhesa, my good friend, snapped some pictures of me in the outfit I was wearing.  The outfit consists of a lovely simple teal dress with a nice short, black cardigan.  I really like the embroidery sewn onto it.  It was a really simple outfit, but I thought that best for a wedding – simple but elegant.

Enjoy the lovely photos that Rhesa took and edited!

That last photo is the perfect example of how to smile too much!  🙂 I must’ve found something funny!

Oh, and what did you all think of our hair tutorial last week?  Anything else you’d like to see?

Enjoy your week!


Photographer & Editor – Rhesa

Model – Esther


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