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Hey Everyone,

I’m here on the request (or more like continual pleas) of Esther to post about this outfit, particularly the rather out-there, “would anyone really wear this,” headscarf/turban. My inspiration for this look came from the Fashion Quartely Spring photoshoot, where one of the models rocked half-a-dozen elaborate, multicoloured turbans with equally amazing colourful flowing dresses. As you can see from the photo, the turban is composed of two scarves twisted and knotted around each other. It’s really easy to do and remarkably effective (hopefully in a good way!)

To be honest, it’s actually hard to imagine anyone actually being brave enough in New Zealand to wear this kind of turban/head scarf look out in public. Just imagine how many people would stare at you if you walked down Queen St with your hair pulled up and covered by a knotted bright purple scarf? More than a few I’d imagine! However, saying all this turbans and headscarves are set to be a major trend in 2012. If you search it on google you’ll see what I mean – Marc Jacobs in particular has included them in his spring 2012 collection, and many style bloggists are commenting on the upcoming trend of this sophisticated headwear. So be warned – in a year or two you just might be proudly wandering the streets in a fashionable turban.

Signing out,

What Esther wore:

Blue/purple dress – Glassons $29.99
Purple scarf – A scarf from Mum.
Feather scarf – Just Jeans $7.99
Assortment of bangles – From Mums’ collection 🙂
Necklace – Diva, gifted
Ring – David Tasker Designer Jewellery

Model – Esther
Photographer – Rhesa
Makeup and stylist – Lydia
Photo editing – Lydia & Esther


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