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Hello friends! I’m Lindsey, comin at ya from Ruby Girl, where I post a few outfits a week and share style tips and tricks, insights on faith, and some lighthearted banter on the in’s & out’s of life. My style aesthetic is ladylike glam, a happy hybrid of feminine romance and urban edge. Goodness there are so many things I love about style blogging, but one of my absolute favorites is getting to know so many amazing women, beautiful inside & out, who I would never have met before! Esther was so kind to reach out and invite me to share a few thoughts on style with you. Thought I’d share with you how I keep things modern but modest over at Ruby Girl, by taking you on a little tour of my wardrobe. Here are some of my summer staples, from head to toe!

I’ve been crazy about headbands since I was like 8, it’s one of those timeless accessories. This fun printed hair wrap is super easy to throw on and makes for a beachy casual look.
I’m all about color blocking, and especially when it comes to pastels. We are talkin over-the-TOP dreamy and feminine! This blush blazer pairs well with so many hues!
I cannot get over how darn comfortable long dresses are, just crazy flowy and light! I’m definitely a proponent of every girl finding her perfect maxi, this one has a fun tribal print that adds a bit of flare.
Summer would not be the same without a Go-To Skirt, you know, that one you can throw on a white tee and gladiators with and you feel like a million bucks? I love the scalloped finish on this one!
You gotta throw a little pow, a little 1-2 punch in there somewhere, nothing like neon heels to add that pizzazz!

So glad to have “met” you! I’d love to connect more, here are a few ways to keep up with Ruby Girl:Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Note from Esther:  Thanks so much Lindsey for doing a superb job on your guest post here at Creative Touch.  I really appreciate it.  Just a note, it’s summer over there in America, so for all my NZ readers, keep this post in mind for our summer to come!


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I’m really excited to announce that the next post on this blog will be one from Lindsey over at Ruby Girl!

I enjoy looking at her blog often and seeing what unique and cute outfits she comes up with.  As a Christian, she believes in modest fashion too, and that’s what I’ve asked her to talk about in her post.  I’m really looking forward to it and I hope you are too.  I thought a guest post would be interesting for you readers to look at.  You might possibly learn something new from her style and I think it’s a good opportunity to have a look at someone else’s view on fashion.

You may have noticed my Fashion & Faith button on the side.  If you ever clicked on it, it would have taken you to a page on Ruby Girl’s blog which has a whole list of ladies’ blogs who are also Christians and post about fashion.  She has a whole network of people joined up to this.  So, if you ever feel the need to go have a look at a few different blogs, then click on my Fashion & Faith button, and you’ll have a whole lot to choose from.

These photos are just a few that Matt (my twin brother) took of me in Autumn before the weather turned cold.  Yes sir, it’s cold here.  We don’t get snow, but frost and it got to 1 degree last night!

I love seeing the beautiful scenery reflected in the window!

Aaaand, I know that the foreground is in focus for two of these, but just keep in mind that this shoot was more technique than fashion.  You know the, “Wow, I bet having the less interesting foreground in focus would look much cooler than having the subject in focus…” kind of thing. 🙂  Just joking people, it was purposeful!



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