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I  know what you’re thinking… but I can explain myself!  Before I do however, I would like to say sorry.  Sorry for being slack… but here is the fashion photo shoot you’ve all been waiting for!

Ok, the explanation.  I’ve been sick, yep, down with the flu.  Also I’ve been procrastinating.  I was prepared to write a fill in post until the photos were ready, but that’s when I got a fever.  Anyhoo, I’m on the way to recovery, and will make up for my lack of writing and presence on this blog.

Alrighty, I’m sorry peeps, here it is again, but I just love this skirt SO. MUCH. that I had to share it with you again.  If anything, that’s a good thing, because it will show you how to style a basic staple piece in many different ways.  If you’ve been following Creative Touch long enough, you will have noticed that the last time we styled this skirt, it was summer.  This time, it’s winter.  Very versatile don’t you think?  In summer, I wore a sleeve-less top, bare legs, and a light cardigan.  In winter, tights, a coat, and a slightly warmer top.  If you do this, it will mean that you get much more wear out of your clothes without having to repeat your looks.  This advice goes for any of your plain skirts, trousers or tops.  Be creative, it’ll pay off.  You won’t have to buy as many items either, which will in the end save money.  I’m not saying don’t buy a piece of clothing here and there, because let’s face it, I’m a normal female too, but I am saying that you now have another option.  Besides, rare splurges are much more fun than frequent impulsive buying which you you always regret later on anyway.

Ok, enough advice… bring on the photos!

Thank you very much everyone!  By the way don’t be afraid to comment.  We love comments!  If you have any ideas for another hair tutorial, just let me know, as I haven’t got any ideas put into place at the moment.

We are working on an accessories post as well.  We have a couple more photos to do, but it should provide some variety to our usual fashion shots 🙂  I find them interesting too, and you’ll be able to see what shoes we have and our massive, and I mean MASSIVE, collection of scarves.

Enjoy the coming weekend!


What I wore:

  • Pleated Skirt – Valley Girl, $10
  • Floral Top – Op-shop, $7 I believe (it’s worth it to op-shop or thrift!)
  • Navy Blazer – Ezibuy, $50 – 53 SALE
  • Tights – Kmart, $can’t remember…
  • Black Shoes – Number One Shoe Warehouse, $30

Stylist – Lydia

Photographer and Editor – Rhesa

Model and Blogger – Esther

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My personal view of 50’s fashion consists of girls with curly hair wearing mid-calf length skirts that come out from the waist in a full circle.  She would also wear a fitted blouse tucked into the skirt with some pretty heels to match.  I once watched a film called Walk the Line in which the girl wore these amazingly full skirts, just like I’ve described above.  That set my picture of 50’s fashion firmly in my mind.  What I was most impressed with however, was that she wore them everyday.  If she went to the local store, or even fishing, I almost wish we all dressed like that everyday of our lives.  Maybe there’s something inside of every girl that just loves the feeling of dressing up!

Do you like the new look of Creative Touch?  My amazingly adept brother designed the header on Photoshop and also helped me choose the background image.  By now, I guess all of you know of my lean towards the 50’s fashion, so I just had to incorporate that in the look on this blog.  Oh, and those dresses are also a part of my 50’s fashion image.  I absolutely LOVE them!

Now, getting to this outfit.  I have tried to, in my own way, create a 50’s outfit out of the clothes that I have available.  I have yet to make one of those full circle skirts, but it is on the list.  In the meantime, I took a pattern off a lovely pleated skirt that is featured here, and with my mum’s help, I sewed this pretty floral pleated skirt and added some lovely lace from my stash as an edging to the hem.  I was not sure what to pair with this, but decided on a nice white blouse tucked into the top of the skirt.  Because the skirt has a rather busy pattern, I thought the plain colour looked nice.  I have also worn this skirt with a nice lace singlet (featured here) which passed rather nicely as well.  There are many options to choose with a skirt like this, so, I encourage you amateur sewers, like me, to have a go.  It is such a satisfying feeling once you’ve finished your project.

Enjoy this last outfit of the fashion photo shoot!

We hope to bring you another one soon, but in the meantime, Lydia and I have been discussing doing a makeup tutorial and a hair tutorial, would you be interested?  That may occur this weekend, so stay tuned…


P.S.  Aren’t the locations great?

Photographer and editor – Rhesa

Makeup – Lydia

Stylist and Model – Esther

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There is never too much lace…

Ok everybody, so this post is a little different.  We have had a couple of craft posts in the past, and during this lull in fashion, I thought I would write a little bit about a couple of cards that I have made recently for a few events.

This title relates to my craft desks at the moment.  I ‘inherited’ a whole load of lace from my Grandma who came into its possession from an old friend.  Some of it could possibly be 80 years old, as the friend was a wedding dress-maker.

Pretty awesome right?  Well, it is to me.  There is some lovely vintage, old-fashioned lace that is just gorgeous, and I have already used some for the edging of a hem of a pleated skirt I made.    I also ‘inherited’ that lovely rose background (from an older sister) which just thrilled me to the heart!  Haha, well… I’ve never used that expression before… just shows ya how excited I am.

These cards both show-off some beautiful lace that I bought at a craft fair and are in the vintage style that I love.  By layering the lace, I acheived an awesome look and the oval feature on the front of the card ties in nicely.  I don’t often use patterned scissors, but inspired by my friend and a lack of any other ideas, I decided to give it a go and was pleased with the effect.

This just illistrates the fact that you can use something out of a seemingly useless thing.  Watch my video here for some more ideas in regards to turning something worthless into something of value.

I really wanted to create a card with a ‘scene’.  By this I mean, telling a story, a landscape or something similar.  However, I didn’t want it to be similar to a painting, but more crafty, like a scrapbooking page.  This does indeed tell a story.

At the time, I cut out some cloudy blue paper for the clouds, and it was only later that I thought, “Wow Esther, the sky is blue not the clouds!”  Anyway, somehow it made sense.  I also drew silver along the clouds to create the ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ effect.  The silver-lined clouds also rained silver droplets, which fell upon a silhouetted horse galloping along a lace covered field.

See how inspired I was?!  This doesn’t happen to me all the time, I was really just having a good day…  Enjoy!

There are some plans for this blog that will be put into motion soon.  I had a great talk with our photographer recently, expressing a desire to do something more than just our regular fashion photo shoots.  She had some great ideas and after talking it over with Lydia, it looks as if we might do some ‘bits and pieces’ posts, with little inspiring photos of lace, vintage, 50’s, clothes, fabrics, or even some interior design.  Lydia would like to do some makeup posts soon and I had the idea for some hair tutorials, as I have an increasing interest in it.

Tell us your thoughts!  We may sign up for a Look Book account soon too!  Exciting stuff!  Watch out for some more changes on Creative Touch.


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Hi Everyone,

We’ve had some nice weather here recently, while I wrote my last post, I was thinking, “Goodness, this photo shoot is called Welcome Summer, but this really isn’t much of a summer, not even a late summer!” But… apparently, we are in for some nice weather soon.

Alrighty, so after that rather ‘out there’ post last week that I ‘pleaded’ Lydia to write, we are back to the norm, or as normal as it gets around here.

This outfit is something I would wear to church. A simple but smart outfit.

There really is nothing to this outfit but I love it mainly because of the pleated skirt. I originally bought it because I had been looking for one like it and then also thought that I could take a pattern from it and sew a similar skirt. Which I might add is in the process now and will probably feature in the next fashion photo shoot.

Just a quick tip, when wearing skirts with busy material, keep the top simple but elegant. Keeping the top one colour is a good idea, and you can also use this to your advantage by wearing a feature piece of jewellery which will stand out nicely against the simple top-half of your outfit.

Enjoy the photos and talk to you soon!

Signing off,

What I wore:

Mulberry blossoms skirt – Pagani $24.99 SALE
White frill top – Kookai $24.99 SALE
Mulberry cardigan – gifted
Silver flower necklace with pearl centre – David Tasker Designer Jewellery
Black heels – Number One Shoe Warehouse $29.99

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