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Autumn outfit 2

Well, I didn’t quite wait a year to reappear, did I?  Actually, I’ve been thinking about this blog rather a lot and wishing that I could document all of my preppy Uni outfits that I wear on a daily basis.  Here is the first of what I hope will be many more.  Of course, I’ve promised this before… so, let’s just focus on this awesome, comfortable pencil skirt!

Kosher Casual contacted me a few months ago asking if I would like to review their product.  Of course, I said yes! (after several weeks… sorry!)  I chose this super comfortable, viscose spandex pencil skirt in the colour, charcoal.  This particular item is available in 13 different colours, from orange to navy.  The skirt is both casual and dressy and pretty much works with any item of clothing!  I chose a pencil skirt because of its versatility – I pair it with slouchy knits, fitted crop-tops, cardigans, coats, boots or sneakers.

Kosher Casual is a lovely online clothing store dedicated to providing versatile, modest clothing.  The items they stock can be easily mixed and matched with any pieces of clothing you already own and provide some awesome basics for any wardrobe.  I bought my skirt in size Medium because I’m a (NZ) size 10 in the hips.  The skirt is fitted but not tight; however I need to take in the waistband because my waist is a size 8.  In retrospect I would probably have chosen a size small; however, I am very happy with this pencil skirt and fully recommend Kosher Casual’s services.

I have paired the skirt with a lovely deep red crop top (my fav colour!) and a snuggly, knit cardigan.  And these sneakers!  I must say that the sneaker-with-skirt trend didn’t really float my boat… but I’ve been converted!  No turning back.

Autumn outfit 1

Autumn outfit 4

Autumn outfit 3

Autumn outfit 5

I hope to talk to you all again soon!  Only 2 exams left to go for this semester… wish me luck!

Have a fabulous week peoples and don’t forget to smell the flowers.

~ Esther xx

P.S.  Huge thanks to my bro who snapped these pics after I dragged him up our driveway 😉

What I wore:

  • Pencil Skirt – Kosher Casual (RRP $18US)
  • Knit Cardigan – Valley Girl (gifted)
  • Deep Red Crop-top – Valley Girl (gifted)
  • Oxblood sneakers – Number 1 Shoe Warehouse ($30)
  • Statement Necklace – Pagani ($7.50!!!!)

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