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Yes I am. Cause I know they’ll come, and soon. The day that we did this fashion photo shoot was beautifully sunny and I didn’t feel cold standing in this when being photographed, as opposed to most days in the winter when I stand freezing, trying to look relaxed and unconcerned.  However, the truth is that I soon rush back into the house or chuck my dressing gown over me, thus effectively ruining my previously stylish look 😉

Ok, about this outfit.  This beautiful, floral, halter-neck dress is from the Philippines, and when paired with a nice white or coloured shrug to hide the lack of sleeves, it looks fabulous! I love it, the epitomy of summer for me. Oh yes, and this cool floppy, beach hat!  Makes me think of those sunny days goin’ to the beach.  Yeah!  The sun, the waves, the seagulls souring overhead, picnic basket in hand, swimming, good friends with good conversation.  God’s creation never ceases to amaze me, and in all seasons I see something which makes me marvel afresh at God’s creativity.  It inspires me!

I’m also wearing some awesome silver sandals to go with this summery look!  Enjoy, and please do let me know what your favourite part of summer is.  I’m really looking forward to painting my nails with bright colours!  Let’s get into the mood early peeps. 🙂

I’m really excited to reveal these next outfits to you over the course of a few weeks.  They are so cute and summery.  Rhesa’s new camera is a dream, let me tell you!  And our outdoor settings are beautiful.  Pink and purple, what can go wrong?!

Blessings on you all today!


Photographer & Editor – Rhesa (Girl, you’ve done an awesome job here!)

Stylist – Oh my, I get to write my name here!!!  – Esther!

Model – Esther

What I wore:

  • Blue floral dress – Philippines, GIFTED
  • White shrug – Valley Girl, $15
  • White hat – from long ago…
  • Necklace – from here and there… the pendant was from Spotlight
  • Silver sandals – Number One Shoe Warehouse, $19.99 SALE

Do you see this people??!  This whole outfit was practically only $15 if you substitute the shoes for a pair of jandals or just go barefoot on the beach.  Give or take a few dollars…   See what you can do with clothes cheaply?  I hope this inspires you 🙂

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Hi Everyone,

We’ve had some nice weather here recently, while I wrote my last post, I was thinking, “Goodness, this photo shoot is called Welcome Summer, but this really isn’t much of a summer, not even a late summer!” But… apparently, we are in for some nice weather soon.

Alrighty, so after that rather ‘out there’ post last week that I ‘pleaded’ Lydia to write, we are back to the norm, or as normal as it gets around here.

This outfit is something I would wear to church. A simple but smart outfit.

There really is nothing to this outfit but I love it mainly because of the pleated skirt. I originally bought it because I had been looking for one like it and then also thought that I could take a pattern from it and sew a similar skirt. Which I might add is in the process now and will probably feature in the next fashion photo shoot.

Just a quick tip, when wearing skirts with busy material, keep the top simple but elegant. Keeping the top one colour is a good idea, and you can also use this to your advantage by wearing a feature piece of jewellery which will stand out nicely against the simple top-half of your outfit.

Enjoy the photos and talk to you soon!

Signing off,

What I wore:

Mulberry blossoms skirt – Pagani $24.99 SALE
White frill top – Kookai $24.99 SALE
Mulberry cardigan – gifted
Silver flower necklace with pearl centre – David Tasker Designer Jewellery
Black heels – Number One Shoe Warehouse $29.99

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I hope you had a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!  Mine was great and I am still enjoying the holidays.  It’s summer here now, and although we’ve been having unseasonably wet weather, or perhaps it’s not that unseasonable, it is now becoming fine once more.

I am starting up a series!  This series is on my famous white shorts!  I have mentioned them rather a lot lately and I’ve said how I have enjoyed the look and feel of summer that it has brought.  There will be four posts in this series and most will feature my lovely knit white cardigan as well which I purchased in 2010!  It has served me well, and in fact, I am only just starting to get more wear out of it.

This outfit goes with the nautical summer theme that I have already mentioned.  I am wearing a striped singlet with a silver, woven, wrap it bracelet/necklace/headband.  As you can see, they have many uses and fit perfectly into the theme.  I’m wearing my hair in a simple pigtail with pearl drop earrings.

Enjoy the photos and I hope you feel inspired by this summer outfit.  As you will see in the next few days, you can create quite a few different outfits using simple, staple pieces from your wardrobe.

Enjoy your holidays and watch out for some more posts.



What I wore:

  • White shorts – Ezibuy $25
  • White cardigan – Jeans West or Just Jeans $30
  • Striped t-shirt – Gifted
  • Wrap-it necklace – Gifted
  • Pearl drop earrings – David Tasker Designer Jewellery $20
  • Silver sandals – Number One Shoe Warehouse $30

Model – Esther

Photographer – Rhesa

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