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People!  (…I hope there are still people reading this blog…)

Ok, so obviously it isn’t Christmas now, but I suddenly realized that I never put up some pics of our Christmas party onto the blog!  I think I could get hold of some more, but here are a few special photos of me and my friends celebrating the gift of Christmas – joy, love and the fulfilling of God’s plan to send his Son to bring us into an unending relationship with him.  I could go on, wow, I am so excited about that amazing love the Jesus has given us all!  So, we had a lovely day filled with opening presents (put that first cos it’s the most important), eating food, doing craft and eating jelly beans!!!  It was great and here are 3 pics of the lovely groups of peeps that joined me for this party.

My summer break is coming to an end (though I have been working for half of it) and I start Uni in less than 2 weeks!  Life is crazy and I’ve done some awesome things over the summer.  I thought I might try and dig up some photos and do a summer fun post!  …be prepared for bad quality photos… 😉

Ok, rest assured I haven’t disappeared forever – I thought it might be fun to do some Uni outfit posts soon!

P.S.  My hair has grown!  …and consequently, I look like a mountain lion in one of the pictures… you’ll know it when you see it.

~Esther xxx

What I’m wearing:

  • Floral dress – Jeans West, GIFTED
  • Floral crown – $2 dollar shop, foooor $3… ironic right…

christmas 1

Love this gal!!!  And all of these gals!

christmas 2

christmas 3

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

…it’s shameful how late I am with that greeting…

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Merry Christmas, 1

Well, I sit to write this amid the hustle and bustle of Christmas.  To be honest, only my Mum and Grandma are busy in the kitchen, but if I crane my neck to look past our computer desk, I can see a large table surrounded by chairs, set with Christmas crackers, vases of roses, and elegant wine classes.  This table will hold sixteen people this evening when our friends come over to dine with us.

It’s 2:45, and gosh has the time flown?  We awoke this morning at 8 and after an hour or so, commenced the Christmas morning.  In our house, this begins with Lydia and I dancing around the lounge to Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You soon joined by the rest of the fam.  Loads of fun!  Then, Lydia and I act as the official present givers and hand out the presents  one or two at a time from under the tree until they are all unwrapped – a long but satisfying process.  Christmas music and games are played, and then some down time before the rush to decorate and prepare food for the evening feast.

Well, I thought I’d quickly fit in a Christmas post during this ‘down time’, so here I am.  Rhesa and I had fun doing another photo shoot recently and we both thought that this outfit would fit perfectly into a New Zealand Christmas.

New Zealand’s national Christmas flower is the Pohutukawa, so we thought it fitting for me to pose in front of this tree.  The flowers are meant to be a bright red, but these are a more pinkish colour.  Never mind, pink’s all good!

So, the people at Creative Touch, namely me, would like to wish you all a very MERRY Christmas!!!  May it be one filled with great joy whether you have much or little.  I pray that 2013 will be filled with blessings from God, may you know his presence.  Bless you, I appreciate your support!  Enjoy this Christmas outfit!

Merry Christmas, 2

Merry Christmas, 3

Merry Christmas, 4

Merry Christmas, 5

Although I have had my turn of listening to Christmas music this day, I have now switched to some funky upbeat tunes.  Puts a smile on my face.  50 Ways to Say Goodbye by Train, and Favourite Song by Toby Mac.  😀  Cool songs.

My very own special season’s greetings to you all!


P.S.  And let’s not forget what this season really is all about – the celebration of the birth of our Lord and my best friend, Jesus Christ!  Here’s to you Jesus 🙂

Merry Christmas, 6

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trademe_logoTrademe is also another great place to shop.  This online store is equivalent to Ebay for America or Australia and sells new or second-hand items from socks to sandwiches!  I have bought a couple of neat pieces of clothes from there, as has my sister.  Over the years, a good family friend has bought some lovely branded clothes for me off Trademe, including skirts, blazers, coats, handbags, and a ball dress.  Good quality, branded clothing from Cue, Max etc. can be found on Trademe with barely any wear and tear, for an amazing price!

Again, there are the ever-present risks of buying online, and in this case, you cannot return the goods, however, sizes are given, pictures are shown and a few paragraphs on the details of the item are written.  Below are a few clothing items that I have received (bought or gifted from others) from Trademe, including this beautiful ballgown.  All I had to do was sew some tulle on the bottom to make it longer, grow into it 😉 and voilla!  It fit beautifully 🙂

E ball dress

(My brother’s 21st ball a couple of years ago)

Business Photographer, photo 1

(This blazer was bought off Tradme for about $16!)

Little Black Dress, photo 9

(This cream coat was given to my sister and I and finishes just above the knee.  It is very cute and I love the collar detailing.  Very smart, good evening wear.)

Teal Blouse - photo 2

(This simple black blazer has been very useful.  I’ve worn it as a part of a costume for a drama I was in as well as wearing it to church and etc.)

Outfit 2, block colours, photo 2

(This white blazer was also bought from Trademe and in my opinion looks lovely with a bright pop of colour.)

Ok, so those are a few items that have been bought off Trademe.  Because most of the blazers were given to me, I’m not really sure of their price, but want to say something like $20 – $30?  Which is a very good price for a good quality, branded blazer which will last you a long time.

Trademe is a great site to buy other products off too.  I have my eyes on some red nail polish for the season.  It’s OPI and get this – it’s only $14!!!  Ridiculously cheap!

Merry Christmas to you all!  I’ll be bringing you a Christmas outfit post tomorrow and then hopefully some bits and pieces following that.



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