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Hi everyone,

We did it!  We’re on Lookbook.

I went ahead and signed up for a Lookbook account. It was dead easy, and anyone out there who likes to snap pictures of themselves every now and again, should go and post them on Lookbook.  You can fan other peoples looks, which is similar to subscribing, and you can also hype their looks, which is similar to liking them or sharing them.

Have a look at Creative Touch’s Lookbook here or you can click on the widget at the side.

We’re hoping that a whole load of new people will come and have a look at our blog and the variey of ‘looks’ that we post about here.

Another exciting thing to announce is the subject of our next post.  We had a 50’s kitchen tea hens party recently, for an engaged friend of ours, and everything was decorated amazingly.  We had floral fabric bunting, lace doilies, vintage flower arrangements and more, but I won’t spoil the post.  We will deliver that to you on Friday or Saturday.

One more piece of news.  We will be haivng another fashin photo shoot on Saturday and Lydia is going to be working hard to come up with some outfits that are really stylish.  We aim to give a little bit of the fashion magazine ‘out there’ feel, as well as some wearable outfits as well. Hope you enjoy!

With Lydia’s up and coming semester break I will try my best to convince Lydia to be a model for some hair tutorials and I’ll be a model for some eye makeup looks that we’ll post on here.

Looking forward to it, and I hope you are too,



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