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Ooh yeah, this has gotta be my fav outfit out of them all I reckon.  I am definitely a skirt and dresses kind of gal, whenever I have an excuse really, but this combo just hits the mark for casual cuteness.  I love t-shirts that have pictues on them, however I’m picky and obviously dislike weird pictures or random captions.  But this tee has a series of vintage phot0s of olden days.  It really is gorgeous, and with that beautiful pastel pink/apricot cardigan, it fits into spring nicely.  The scarf is textured and has a nice neutral, floral pattern on it – perfect!  I rediscovered these jeans just recently, which is awesome, as buying jeans really is just the most horrible shopping nightmare ever!  Am I the only one who finds that?  They used to be too loose, but fit nicely now… what does this say about me???  Well actually, the last time I wore them was probably 6 months to a year ago, so, yeah…  I never used to know how I felt about wearing high-heels with trouses, but I have now decided that I love the look!  It adds a bit of style and class to the outfit while still keeping it casual.  Just what you need when going out shopping or visiting friends.

These daisies really are so lovely!  They go with this outfit so well and I’m glad we photographed with them as they all got mown yesterday afternoon 😦  But not to worry, they’ll be springing up again in the next few days.  Love that about those cute flowers.

Ok, so, I reckon an update on me is now in order.  At the moment I’m having a break over the weekend and psyching myself up for intense accounting study next week for my approaching exam.  First exam I’ve ever done (apart from music theory and ballet) as I’ve been home schooled all my life!  So, so looking forward to the summer as I’m sure all you southern hemisphere peeps are also.
Yesterday I went to the mall with my friend Ambley, who has featured on this blog once – here.  I bought the prettiest blue and cream tie-up blouse.  Chiffon + blouse (tie-ups esp.) = one very, very happy Esther!  You’ll be seeing it here soon no doubt.  I wore it to church today actually 🙂  I’m looking forward to posting some daily summer outfits in the coming months.  That’ll be fun I reckon.

So, please do enjoy these spring photos!  The weather’s looking up here at the moment, I was wearing a t-shirt when I wrote this!  Surely heralding in some beautiful weather.

Yeah!  There’s my other bro.  🙂  Havin’ fun crashin’ my photo shoot!  Actually, he and my other brother, Matthew (the one who designed my header) own an online toy shop and sell pretty awesome toys!  You’d all love them I’m absolutely sure of it – puzzles, outside toys, a whole range of putty and RC helicopters.  Here’s the link –

I’m loving the beautiful combination of colours and textures in this outfit while still remaining relatively simple.  When stying your outfits, it’s a good idea to use different colours that complement each other, different textures and an obvious theme.  I love seeing people dress in a way that reflects who they are and displays their unique and personal style.  That’s another aim of ours here on Creative Touch – helping young woman create your own unique style of dressing.  Self-confidence and self-worth is important, and I believe that by wearing something that fills you with confidence you’ll feel more secure in who you are – something we all need from time to time.  Well, let’s hope that this blog is doing just that 🙂

God bless you all over this lovely weekend!


Photographer – Rhesa

Stylist & Model – Esther (ok, admittedly Lydia wears this outfit often, so I was inspired by her)

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Hi there everyone!
This is the last outfit that we have stored up to write about.  But never fear, ’cause I am here, as is my awesome photographer Rhesa.  We will be getting together next week for a fashion photo shoot!  Oh yes, and she has a new camera, so you’re in for a real treat, as I have no doubt that our pics are going to get even better.

When I first put this outfit on and saw the photo, I LOVED it!  Absolutely!  As you all know, I love those gathered skirts tucked in and brought together with a belt.  And long strands of pearls and pretty pumps? Yep, just my style.

I often wish that we dressed like this these days.  Mmmm, I would love to go back to the 50’s for the single purpose of being able to buy all these beautiful clothes and wear them any and everyday.

Ok, so that’s not gonna happen, but I will never turn down an opportunity to wear it in this era, even if it’s not particularly “in” at the moment.  Join me!  You never know, we might just start to change fashion.  After all, it all comes back eventually doesn’t it?  I’ll just keep hoping.

Haha, ah well, let’s just enjoy the photos shall we?

Please forgive me for the lack of photos.  Somehow, the rest were deleted…  Thus the fancy drop shadow and polaroid effect.  For most of the last few outfits, it was raining outside, and so Rhesa and I had to become creative with our inside locations.

Anyway, have a lovely week!  It’s holidays over here in NZ, so I’ll be having a bit of free time… might do a few more posts in that time.  Stay tuned…


Stylist – Lydia

Model – Esther
What I wore:

  • Gathered skirt – JacquiE, Thrifted
  • Cream long-sleeve – Principals, $49
  • Black belt – Pagani, $19.99
  • Nude pumps – Rubi Shoes, $30
  • String of pearls – Gifted

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This outfit, in my mind, is amazing!!! Just cause it combines three of my favourite things – lace, floral patterns, and pastel colours!  Very feminine, and lovely.  Bad news though… everything, and I mean, abosolutely every item of clothing in this outfit, is Lydia’s… 😦  So, she now has an aboslutely awesome outfit, while I have to be content to look at it.  No, I’m not jealous at all… jokes, I was happy to at least wear it for this photo shoot.

In this outfit, we’ve layered two dresses on top of one another.  Both are sleeve-less, so that’s why I’m wearing a long-sleeve underneath, which happens to be a very similar colour to the bottom dress.  By layering two dresses, we’ve added a bit of length so that I don’t have to wear leggings with this oufit.  I also love the look it creates.  And that scarf… well, my goodness, it’s so beautiful!  Lydia has been wearing this over a cream top with a lovely light pink/apricot coloured cardigan with jeans.  It looks very nice.  I also think that long necklaces go very nicely with dresses, especially ones with minimal detail on the front.

These nude pumps are also very useful.  I reccomend getting a pair, because they go with almost everything, and it’s very useful to have a pair of these kinds of versatile shoes.

Alright, enjoy looking at the following photos of this dreamy outfit!

I apologize for being away for a long while, we’ve been super busy with so much, but now that the hols are coming up, I should have some more time to blog and take some more photos.  Our purple flowers are out again, so I anticipate some lovely photos – look here to see what I’m talking about.

Have a lovely rest oof your week!  I’ll be back soon 🙂


Photographer & Editor – Rhesa

Stylist – Lydia

Model & Blogger – Esther

What I wore:

  • Light pink dress – Glasson, $30 (see this dress here)
  • Lace dress – Glassons, $20 SALE
  • Peach/pink long-sleeve – Dotti, $20?
  • Floral Scarf – David Tasker Designer Jewellery, $19
  • Heart necklace – David Tasker Designer Jewellery
  • Nude pumps – Rubi Shoes, $30 (which in my mind is a pretty good price!)

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Hi Everyone,

Yes, I’m very sorry I haven’t been around for a while.  What with school, work, and a multitude of other things going on, I haven’t checked in here for a while.  Finally I am here however, and I hope you enjoy this next outfit.

Before you comment on the title, let me form my defense.  Yet again this happened – read to find out the complete evolution of my blog title conundrum…  This time, the predicament was the same, however I ended up writing the title.  I won’t bore you with an explanation, however give me some grace, as… well, nevermind.

The look sports a very interesting t-shirt with a print of a face.  Most of the time, I would really dislike wearing a shirt that has someone else’s face on it, however, I reckon that this has an arty feel about it, as it’s not actually a picture but more of a painting.  It goes very nicely with the corderoy pants which, unsurprisingly, are my sister’s – though she doesn’t wear them that often sooooo…  Also, the cardigan ties in quite nicely and by combining all that with the new (actually it’s been around for a bit) trend of tucking in the front to show off your fancy belt buckle, you’ll feel, well, trendy!

Wearing high-heeled shoes with pants is also a very smart look I think.  It’s not a new trend, as often the business women of the world sport this look, however you can do this just as well with casual looks.

Again in this post, we are showing you how to style pants as well as skirts and dresses.  Although they are very feminine and pretty, there is a place in this pracitcal world for pants, and hopefully, over these last two post, we have helped you just a little bit in regards to sucessfully styling pants.

Enjoy the photos and we look forward to showing you the next and last post in this fashion photo shoot.

I hope you appreciated all of the new locations, especially the fourth in the burnt kitchen.  I’ve often been told that there are lessons to be learned all around, and it just stood out to me that something can even be learnt from something as horrible as a devastating fire.  Something good can come of something terrible, even if it’s something small, it’s a spark of hope and I do hope that we’ll all remember that.


Photographer & Editor – Rhesa

Makeup & Stylist – Lydia

Model – Esther

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There is never too much lace…

Ok everybody, so this post is a little different.  We have had a couple of craft posts in the past, and during this lull in fashion, I thought I would write a little bit about a couple of cards that I have made recently for a few events.

This title relates to my craft desks at the moment.  I ‘inherited’ a whole load of lace from my Grandma who came into its possession from an old friend.  Some of it could possibly be 80 years old, as the friend was a wedding dress-maker.

Pretty awesome right?  Well, it is to me.  There is some lovely vintage, old-fashioned lace that is just gorgeous, and I have already used some for the edging of a hem of a pleated skirt I made.    I also ‘inherited’ that lovely rose background (from an older sister) which just thrilled me to the heart!  Haha, well… I’ve never used that expression before… just shows ya how excited I am.

These cards both show-off some beautiful lace that I bought at a craft fair and are in the vintage style that I love.  By layering the lace, I acheived an awesome look and the oval feature on the front of the card ties in nicely.  I don’t often use patterned scissors, but inspired by my friend and a lack of any other ideas, I decided to give it a go and was pleased with the effect.

This just illistrates the fact that you can use something out of a seemingly useless thing.  Watch my video here for some more ideas in regards to turning something worthless into something of value.

I really wanted to create a card with a ‘scene’.  By this I mean, telling a story, a landscape or something similar.  However, I didn’t want it to be similar to a painting, but more crafty, like a scrapbooking page.  This does indeed tell a story.

At the time, I cut out some cloudy blue paper for the clouds, and it was only later that I thought, “Wow Esther, the sky is blue not the clouds!”  Anyway, somehow it made sense.  I also drew silver along the clouds to create the ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ effect.  The silver-lined clouds also rained silver droplets, which fell upon a silhouetted horse galloping along a lace covered field.

See how inspired I was?!  This doesn’t happen to me all the time, I was really just having a good day…  Enjoy!

There are some plans for this blog that will be put into motion soon.  I had a great talk with our photographer recently, expressing a desire to do something more than just our regular fashion photo shoots.  She had some great ideas and after talking it over with Lydia, it looks as if we might do some ‘bits and pieces’ posts, with little inspiring photos of lace, vintage, 50’s, clothes, fabrics, or even some interior design.  Lydia would like to do some makeup posts soon and I had the idea for some hair tutorials, as I have an increasing interest in it.

Tell us your thoughts!  We may sign up for a Look Book account soon too!  Exciting stuff!  Watch out for some more changes on Creative Touch.


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