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Hi All,

I think that this fashion photo shoot has been kicked off with a great start.  However, that last outfit wasn’t really what I would call a little different, however, the outfit I am showing today is.

We have combined a few fashion trends in this outfit which we hope you’ll like.

First off, the bright bold colours.  Colour blocking has been really ‘in’ this year and especially using the bright and bold plain colours.  White has also been used a lot, but I’ll come to that later.  Even though I haven’t been particularly following any fashion magazines at the moment, just by receiving our Ezibuy catalogue and walking through the local clothing shops, I have seen a definite trend.  Unfortunately the tail end of summer is finally petering out, however who says that you can’t carry the trends over to the beginning of autumn?!

Next, plain white blazers and blocks of white.  We even did a post on this a while back, go here to see it.  This trend has perhaps been one of the most dominant.  Plain blocks of white and particularly the use of white blazers over bright pops of colour have been the leading trend of this past summer.  So, by combining that with the bright bold colours, you’ll definitely be looking stylish.

Finally, by combining those two trends with the black business pants, you can pull off the autumn look quite well.  Of course, this outfit would be quite simple if it hadn’t been for our typical layering effect that we love so much.  You may have picked up that we are layering advocates.  By this I mean, that we believe by layering with frills, lace, or simply a cami and scarf, you can transform a formerly simple outfit into one of noticeable style.

Ok, well enough of the descriptions, have a look at it yourself!  This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you want to revolutionize your business look and tone it down a little, then this is the way to go.

Thanks so much for spending your time here on Creative Touch.  We really value your support.


P.S.  Has anyone noticed the Lulu’s button on the side yet?  Well, there’ll be an explanation and post about that soon.  So, keep an eye out for it.

What I wore:

  • White Blazer – Thrifted
  • Black pants – Farmers $40
  • Blue cardigan – Glassons $25
  • White ruffle top – Kookai $25 (on sale)
  • Striped bow shoes – Ezibuy $30

Photographer and Editor – Rhesa

Make-up artist and stylist – Lydia

Model – Esther

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This outfit is simple, however it really does emphasize what I said a while back about bright, bold, simple, colour blocking.

This outfit is pretty much self-explanatory and I hope you enjoy the pictures and become inspired!

I haven’t been posting recently and in part that is because of the awesome weekend I just had.  From Friday till Monday, I was with my family and friends at the well-known and rather large music festival called Parachute.  It was awesome and I had so much fun!  The live music was a great experience and the weather and friends just topped it off.  Because I’m quite a musical person myself, in the fact that I sing and play a little bit of piano, I really appreciated it and enjoyed watching Relient K, Casting Crowns, Parachute Band, Avalanche city and… need I go on?  I believe that Newsboys and Switchfoot are going to be there next year and so I am really looking forward to that.  Look up some of those bands music and tell me what you think.

I also enjoyed the music of a kiwi singer called Lydia Cole, lovely acoustic music!

hmmm, having a bit of quirky fun 🙂

Weren’t the holidays lovely?  I’m excited to see what this year has in store for all of us.


What I wore:

  • White shorts – Ezibuy $25
  • Coral t-shirt – Gifted
  • White Cardigan – Just Jeans $30
  • Silver sandals – Gifted (thanks Mum!)
  • Cross necklace, – I made it myself 🙂

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