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Garden Fairies with our $3 flower crowns.

photo (4)

Sisters having fun by the Christmas tree.

photo (5)

Leaving our week-long island home  – Great Barrier Island – at the beginning of January.  Such an awesome experience!

photo (6)

A montage of the flight into Great Barrier Island on a small 14 seat plane, the breathtaking view literally 15 metres from our cabin, and the cool gals I met – one of which is studying with me this year!

photo (7)

3 friends in (unexpectedly) matching blue and white dresses on my 18th birthday.

photo (8)A winter-wonderland themed concert I went and watched when I visited Parachute Music Festival for the day at the end of January.  There was fake snow falling from the ceiling guys!

photo (9)

A little gift and card that I made for my dear friend and blog photographer – Rhesa!  Snapped a pic before packaging it up.  Vintage is the way people.

photo (10)A before and after shot of some cute little table posies I arranged for a friend’s kitchen tea.  Those peach roses are called Miss Piggy!  (Loving my florist job!)

~Let me know if you want to see a few more of these posts over the next months.  In them I aim to let you know about some little things that I’ve been up to.  Part 2 will follow shortly.


P.S.  This is Creative Touch’s 101st post!!!

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This was the scrapbook that I entered into a competition recently.  It got first!  I was very happy with how it turned out 🙂  There really is not much to talk about here, as you can see it all when you look at the pics.  I could go into a lot of detail in regards to techniques etc. but really all I wanted was to show you my recent project.  If you would like to know how I acheived a certain look, then please don’t hesitate to comment and I will happily get back to you.

The theme, as I’m sure you picked up, is Godly, modest fashion.  I’ve written a few tips and thoughts on this which I hope will help you all too.  It’s hard to pick out the most important points to write as I have much to say about this topic and in this scrapbook, little space to write it.  But I really do mean what I’ve said, and I hope that you all will perhaps learn something new today.

Click the photos to enlarge them if you want a larger and more detailed image.

Please comment and tell me which page you liked the best!  I think my favourites are #5 and #7.


P.S.  My photographer friend, Rhesa, who does most of the photography on this blog, has started up a blog of her own.  I would love it if you could go on over and check out her blog on photography, life, craft, fashion, and more…

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As an interlude…

Here are a couple of cards that I made a while back.  I really like them, pretty much my style 😉

Ok, so the first card is focused around that rose image.  This is mostly how I like to create my cards.  All around a centre image.  Then the details are added.  This prevents the card from becoming too busy, though some may describe my cards as busy…?  I love lace and florals and I also believe it gives cards a lovely vintage look.  This antique photo was improved even further by the addition of the pearl detail on the sides.  The cardstock that the pearls are sitting on was punched out with a square punch and then turned on its side.  A handy tip to keep tucked away in your creative mind. 😉  The scalloped edge of the green cardstock matches in nicely with the lace.  Although I don’t like my cards being too matchy matchy, I do like a few similarities to tie the look in and create an obvious ‘theme’.  Enjoy the photos and scroll down for my description of the second card.

I love this card! (below)  This was a card that I gave to my good friend Rhesa (this blog’s photographer actually).  I like how this card is rather vintage while still being colourful.  It’s so easy to keep to boring, neutral colours, but something tasteful and colourful is always a better option.  I’ve picked out the rather unusual mustard green colour in this card and tied it in by using a matching ink around the edges and a similar coloured ribbon.  The white dots on the side are not adhesive pearls, but are in actual fact created by some 3D paint – the kind that you can buy coloured and dries raised.  I could say much more about the ripped edges, layers, lace, and ribbon, but I will let the picture speak for itself.  I hope that you will be inspired in your crafting and pick up some helpful ideas to store away in your mind for later use.  (Click on the photo for an enlarged image)

Just a quick update:  The next fashion photo shoot will be taken next week.  The next post will include photos of a scrapbook that I did recently for a competition.  My inspiration?  This blog!  The scrapbook is about modest fashion.  Included are pictures, some tips from yours truly, and a whole lot of papercraft yumminess!  I look forward to sharing it with you soon 🙂
Have an awesome weekend!  The sun is shining here today, and I’m still in my PJ’s… ooops


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There is never too much lace…

Ok everybody, so this post is a little different.  We have had a couple of craft posts in the past, and during this lull in fashion, I thought I would write a little bit about a couple of cards that I have made recently for a few events.

This title relates to my craft desks at the moment.  I ‘inherited’ a whole load of lace from my Grandma who came into its possession from an old friend.  Some of it could possibly be 80 years old, as the friend was a wedding dress-maker.

Pretty awesome right?  Well, it is to me.  There is some lovely vintage, old-fashioned lace that is just gorgeous, and I have already used some for the edging of a hem of a pleated skirt I made.    I also ‘inherited’ that lovely rose background (from an older sister) which just thrilled me to the heart!  Haha, well… I’ve never used that expression before… just shows ya how excited I am.

These cards both show-off some beautiful lace that I bought at a craft fair and are in the vintage style that I love.  By layering the lace, I acheived an awesome look and the oval feature on the front of the card ties in nicely.  I don’t often use patterned scissors, but inspired by my friend and a lack of any other ideas, I decided to give it a go and was pleased with the effect.

This just illistrates the fact that you can use something out of a seemingly useless thing.  Watch my video here for some more ideas in regards to turning something worthless into something of value.

I really wanted to create a card with a ‘scene’.  By this I mean, telling a story, a landscape or something similar.  However, I didn’t want it to be similar to a painting, but more crafty, like a scrapbooking page.  This does indeed tell a story.

At the time, I cut out some cloudy blue paper for the clouds, and it was only later that I thought, “Wow Esther, the sky is blue not the clouds!”  Anyway, somehow it made sense.  I also drew silver along the clouds to create the ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ effect.  The silver-lined clouds also rained silver droplets, which fell upon a silhouetted horse galloping along a lace covered field.

See how inspired I was?!  This doesn’t happen to me all the time, I was really just having a good day…  Enjoy!

There are some plans for this blog that will be put into motion soon.  I had a great talk with our photographer recently, expressing a desire to do something more than just our regular fashion photo shoots.  She had some great ideas and after talking it over with Lydia, it looks as if we might do some ‘bits and pieces’ posts, with little inspiring photos of lace, vintage, 50’s, clothes, fabrics, or even some interior design.  Lydia would like to do some makeup posts soon and I had the idea for some hair tutorials, as I have an increasing interest in it.

Tell us your thoughts!  We may sign up for a Look Book account soon too!  Exciting stuff!  Watch out for some more changes on Creative Touch.


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