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Ok, so I am pretty excited about this tutorial, mainly cause I love working with hair, and I was so surprised and excited with how this style turned out.

This hair style will involve two people, unless you are amazingly talented and can do this on yourself; however the best way, is to go grab a friend and then do this on each other.

My model today is Isabelle.  I absolutely loved doing this style on her hair, as she is a blonde gone brown, meaning, she has lovely, natural, blonde highlights.  The same goes for my previous model for the hair tutorial, Ambley.  She had some lovely copper highlights (natural) and another friend of mine, whose hair I styled in this way, has beautiful blonde streaks also.  You are incredibly blessed ladies I assure you!

My inspiration came from that place where all good ideas come from, the internet, and more specifically, Youtube!  I’m joking about the good ideas peeps.  Really, the best way is to come up with your own ideas, but this hair tutorial is better than any I’ve come up with so far, therefore it is here, and hopefully none of you have seen it before. 🙂

Perfect for going out and about, church, dates with your husband, or even just pottering around the house, this hair-style will make you feel beautiful and feminine, which incidentally is the aim of this blog.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this hair tutorial on how to do a French flower braid.

1.  Side-part the hair and then spritz all the hair with water until damp.

2.  Take a portion of hair from the front, divide into three sections and start French braiding along the front of the head, picking up more hair from both sides as you go along.  If you want a more defined braid, just pick up hair from the back.

3.  Continue to French braid downwards towards the ear.

4.  Then French braid straight across the head until you reach just before the left ear.  Note: as you braid straight across the head, only pick up little bits of hair from the bottom, so that when you turn your braid down and around, you’ll still have some hair falling down to add into that braid.

5.  Start turing your braid downwards for a short time.  When you do this, take hair from left side (looking towards the back of the head) and bring into the French braid as you normally would.

6.  Continue to braid straight across the bottom, picking up all the hair you left hanging.  The trickiest part is now over.

7.  Once there is no more hair to add, just finish off with a normal braid.  As you do this braid, tug the edges of the left side a little.  These will create the petals for your flower.  Tie off the end.

8.  Twist upwards and anti-clockwise on the right and bottom side of the head.

9.  Tuck the tied off end of the hair somewhere beneath the braid where it won’t be seen.

10.  Stick bobby pins into the hair to secure, and then place your choice of a centre-piece in the middle of the flower.  This will hide any of the ends, and create a nice look.

You are now complete!  Here are a few shots from different angles to show the finished look.

Isn’t it an elegant hairstyle?  I know that it looks complicated, but I assure you that it’s not.  Have a go yourself, but always remember that success comes through trial and error.  I have to continually remind myself that I can learn from mistakes instead of beating myself up about them.

Have an awesome weekend people, and leave a comment to request another hair tutorial!


Stylist – Esther

Photographer – Matthew

Model – Isabelle

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